Truly the End...
Selena's Dreams...

General Information

Player: Spud
PC Name: Selena Mortera Kilcanoragh
Age: 24 by appearance. True Age 331
Race: White Sephiroth; Angel of the Second Pentacle, Order of Omegas, reborn of the Eternal Flame.
Subrace: Dark Star Firai
Lord: Maelmorda Kilcanoragh
Place of Residence: An Morendor
Human Appearance: Exceptionally attractive. Long auburn hair, pale green eyes. Medieval era attire, whether it be breeches or colorful dresses/gowns.
Angelic Appearance: Feathery wings of auburn and ginger split from scapulas, Claws curved and razor sharp with fangs support her means of flight in a defensive display.
Time Line: Medieval
Nature: Goodnatured, forgiving, melancholic at times, passive. A gentle soul. Chaste. Will fight to defend herself if given no choice. Given to bouts of depression & mental instability, where she will retreat into solitude. Lacks self-confidence.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Clan: Kilcanoragh. Her soul is owned by the Morning Star after her traumatic rebirth as a Sephiroth.
Children: Chi (adopted son of Eoghan), Aaron, step son (out of Eoghan and Renalia), Maladin (out of Eoghan), Elsbeth, twin of Maladin (out of Eoghan), Mascen (out of Maelmorda), Janos (out of Ruslan), and his twin half brother Adair (out of Alex).
Home: Selena owns a small, modest cottage on the beach thirty miles north of Hawker's Fort, and can often be found on the shores near her home, or within the ShadowLands and elsewhere exploring. She resides in the namas territory of Eremaes, ruled by the Clan Ereme (ehr-eh-mA), whose castle is within sight on a rocky shore four miles from her home. She purchased the property from the Clan's regent some years before she ever met Eoghan. It was there she made her future husband's acquaintence.

Selena's Dreams

The weight of guilt has fallen, lifted away with the gift of forgiveness. To live in hope and with its strength that one day the only soul she can love will allow himself to risk his heart to her again. She saves herself body and soul for the day should it come that she is reunited with Eoghan. Until then, she will learn and grow in the lessons of life and of those gifts she possesses. She has seen much and lived through more than most can dare to imagine. Having returned to her cottage by the sea, she wanders those often untamed lands she thought she might never again see. Though numerous regrets followed her, it was good to walk a path she chose. She was free at last to seek her own dreams. Her heart still remembered Eoghan...and hoped. So much came between much; hope diminished.

Ruslan let her go; rather he made her go. He was not unkind, but he was discontent. She could provide him with no more children, her purpose, the reason he had claimed her. He could not bear for others to touch her, not since Alex. He and not she was the cause, but it was an excuse to give her what she most needed; her freedom. The white wolf demon that bore some small resemblance to a man had come to love her and he knew she was unhappy, that she needed to belong to herself, that she still loved Eoghan. He gave her the ability to find herself and follow her heart. He let their sons choose who to remain with; they wanted to remain with the pack, both of them, it was the wolf in them. They promised to see Selena again despite this. They loved their mother, she had not failed them. She knew this because they adored her, and had grown into fine men, as lupus sharr nephalim. They would see their mother again.

Her home was still there where she left it. It was whelmed in dust and cobwebs, had suffered neglect and the harsh climate of the ocean, but was still sound where it mattered. Her things were right where she had left them. The land was hers and no one had dared claim it while she was gone. The lords residing over those lands were patient and protective of their territory's citizens. Her horse had long since died of old age though, the one Aurelius had not killed, so she was in the market for another. She concentrated on settling back into her home. She looked no further than today. She resolved to take each day, each hour, each moment as it came. Her first visitor on the beach was the King of Eredor, a familiar face she had never met as a king. She knew him only as a man, one who did not age. He always had disguised himself as a common man, and still did. He was friendly; he did not ask for anything from her, never had, just her company. She did not know much about him other than he was pleasant, content, rugged in the face and battle scarred. Lord Ereme called himself Grimwarr, telling her once it meant battle hardened.


  • Morph wings
  • Flight
  • Immortality
  • Self Healing Regeneration
  • Morph Claws and Fangs
  • Shape shift: doe or fox
  • Exceptionally attractive: +4 Charisma
  • Special Death: 2 ways, Imprisionment or enslavement with no sunlight or fresh air, her will the determining factor of survival, or Beheading
  • Telepathy
  • Dream vision
  • Empathy

  • Disadvantages

  • Macaroni
  • Can't Cook (even it)
  • Depression with loss
  • Guilt
  • Sensitive
  • Mental instability
  • Lack of self confidence

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