General Information

Name: Melchaiah (mehl-kI-ah) Ereclea (ehr-eh-clA)
Nickname: Kai
Race: Noct'maire Seraphim
Sire: Created by Aurelius
Wife: Schae Ereclea
Children: Elittu, Eshume (identical twins, normal aging)
Subrace: Trecouri, 2nd House of Uraechis
Title: Prince Regent of Denaer (valley of the dragons)
Age: 828
Embodied Ages: (215 as Trecouri) (598 as Sumeri Demon) (15 as Noct'maire Seraphim)
Nature: Kai is crazy but very good at heart unless he feels threatened. He is extremely chaotic and unpredictable but always means well. Until recently his will was always controlled by someone else. Truth, honor and freedom are new to him and he does not intend to lose them again, whatever the cost with one exception; he would never risk those he loves and respects.
Location: Noct'maire Kingdom, Ereclae Estate, Densaeru (dragon valley village)
Languages: Cenys, Esurian, Trecouru, limited Gruag and Otso Eurokai
Resources: Livestock, Orchard, Gardens
Familiars: Sumi, his dwarf cat; Firden, his wolf; Draes, his eagle; Jingo, the resident demon mouse.
Companions: Cousins; Erameth (Eram), Sargoth and Eregoth, his Nether Elf companions; Timogen (kind soul), his Scaled Goblin companion; brothers; Hirshi and Mishai, his Namas companions; Cenjen, his AI construct companion.
Defenders: The Black Dragon Rangers, a tribe which forms 25 rangers with apprentice watchers who replace any rangers who fall by rank of their skills. (ranger details offline)

Kai's Usual Clothing

  • Black tunic and black leggings, indigo boots and vest with various decorative stitches in either silver and or burgundy.
  • Ivory poet shirt and deep moss-green jacket or vest with lighter green tunic or poet shirt with dark green or brown brushed-leather pants.
  • White, button up front body suit with gold trim, decorative collar and stitching, small buttons and braided loops.
  • Black, button up front body suit with indigo trim and decorative collar and stitching, small buttons and braided loops. Long cloak or great coat when traveling.

    Melchaiah as a Trecouri
    The Forms he can Take

    Trecouri: Long, curly white hair, usual kept in a pony tail or braid, jaw length curls framing his face, white skin, intense blue eyes, lean muscular build, 6' tall, extremely attractive facial features and build. 18-20 in appearance.

    Noct'maire Seraphim: Subrace form with silver dragon scales, the proportionate wings and yellow eyes of a falcon, the claws, fangs and teeth of a lion, otherwise Trecouri in appearance.

    Partial Forms: He can morph aspects of his seraphim form at will independant of changing form entirely.


    Arcane: Necromancy, Sorcery
    Elemental: Path of Shadows, Lunar Elements
    Limited Paths: Mental Tower, Quantum Weaver Aspects, and Machine Aspects
    Inborn Powers: Presence, Domination, Possession, Telepathy, Telekinesis

  • Advantages

    Seraphim Stats

  • Elemental bastion: 80% Resistance vs. elements.
  • Whithering Doom Inflict: Imbue claws with this fatal whither disease:
    Claws can imbue victim with Whithering doom if he speaks the word "inflict" while attacking with claws. Whithering Doom first makes the victom feel ill with terrible chills and weakness. This progresses until the body begins to "whither" with decomposing degeneration, the flesh rots, bones get brittle to the point simply standing or walking can cause the bones to splinter and fracture. The blood begins to go sour and finally spoils. Body parts can decay to the point they literally "fall off," the flesh rotting. Within three days time the victim decomposes to ash. There is only one cure for this dreaded death, and the only way to discover that way is by finding someone who is learned in the darkest arts of necromancy to inform the victim of the correct antidote. There is only one. {Must have antidote logged.} Any damage is sustained until victim undergoes a partial resurrection, with permanent loss of two levels.
  • Scentlessness: Cannot be noticed or identified by scent
  • Immunities: cold, fire and hellfire, necromantic immunity (necromantic attacks make him stronger)
  • Wings and Eyes of the falcon
  • Silver Dragon Scales: AC-46
  • Lion's Claws: +10
  • Lion's Teeth and Fangs: +15.
  • Strength of the Dragon: Level +16
  • Improved Health: +150
  • Domination
  • Dark Presence
  • Possession
  • Telepathy

  • Trecouri Stats
  • HP Bonus: +20
  • Improved Strength: +5
  • Improved Dexterity: +6
  • Improved Stamina: +8
  • Trecouri Haste: +3, 1000 XP + 200 per level additional +1, +1 movement per success
  • Improved Vision: +6
  • Logic: +5
  • MR 50%

  • Disadvantages
    • Wanted: by his people who will pay a high price to mercenaries, bounty and fortune hunters for his return.
    • Androgynous: owed to this fact he may never be stricken from his people's records. Functional bigendered Trecouri like Kai are considered among the most divine of body and are highly sought after by his people. He hides this fact about himself.
    • Paranoid: thinks most every stranger is out to get him, particularly beautiful women and handsome men. This anxiety is well founded by past experiences.
    • Distrustful: his trust is hard to earn and freely given for the strangest reasons.
    • Emotionally Unstable: screwed in the head, but not in the worst way, is the best way to put it.

    "Such a man is my King; my father; my creator. He carries his honor and his burdens alike with determination and courage. Fear angers him, love gentles him, and danger makes him laugh. I do not want to be him; I could never imagine myself so high, but I do want to make him proud; glad that he chose and trusted me."

    Are you are an Elf?"
    He hated lying. "I am a demon."
    The girl shook her head. "I mean, were you an elf?"
    His eyes thinned on her suspiciously. Was she a spy for the Trecouri? He could never be sure. How long was long enough to relax? "I am what you see," he said, and left it at that.

    "I am afraid all the time; but I am never afraid to fight for what I believe in." Kai