General Information

Player Information

Player Name: Sparky
Date of Character Creation: Nov. 20th 2008
RPG: The Middle Kingdom

General Information

Character Name: Ewyn Tellurian Glennamain
Race: Vampire
Clan: Dead Realms Vampire
Generation: First
Date of Birth: A.D. 130
Date Sired: A.D. 155
Years Lived: 11,468, possible due to time striding
Age By Appearance: Mid Twenties
Maximum Age: Immortal
Gender: Male
Occupation: Vigilante
Demeanor:  Chillaxin'
Nature: Self-righteous, Mr. Virtue to Spare, only he's not all that bad.
Aligment: Good
Familiars: Horse, Denny


Height: 5'9
Weight: 140
Eye Color: brown
Hair: light brown, collar length, wavy
Build: stocky hard muscles
Skin Color: Fair
Outstanding Features: A modestly large nose, scars on hands, face, chest and back. Celtic cross tattoo, celtic dragon knot tattoo

Resources and Property

Haven: Dead Realms Kingdom, otherwise nomadic
Location: Can be found anywhere
Wards and Security: Dead Realms Wards
Wealth: Vault of loot including precious gems and metals, various kinds of currency, all taken off of prey he has killed.
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