Argal Mortiari

General Information

Race: Fomor Dunedag (Demon) of Anwnn
Generation: 3rd, true born demon, son of Pwill the White Stag
Conviction: protection
Ranks: Arch Mage of Hawker's Fort, Prince of the Forest of Shadows, Anwnn.
Alignment: chaotic good.
Appearance: ... Demon ... His body is made up of a shadow-like substance (which can be damaged) with bat-like wings, small 'Pan' horns, a long feline tail tipped with a brush of fur, long, curved claws, elfish ears, sharp teeth and fangs, with hard to perceive facial features, his white teeth aside, and his eyes are black, his pupils, eye-whites, and irises alike.  ... Human ... This is the form the people of Hawker's Fort know and recognize him as.  He has very long, curling, chocolate brown hair, fair skin, teal-green eyes, and is youthfully handsome.  He is quite tall, a little over six feet, and has attractively sculpted facial features.
About Argal:  In Anwnn; Argal is the Prince of the Forest of Shadows, where his father Pwill Rules.  His father has a white stag form which he can often be found guarding the forest as, and as often he midleads trespassing hunters into dangerous traps with.  Argal is not quite the judge of people his father is until they commit some terrible evil, but he is a defender of the innocent and a conquerer of evil with a keen albeit unique sense of justice.  Argal has lived in Hawkers' Fort since it was known as Castelguard,  He never actually told anyone in Morashtar what he was, who he was, or where he was from, but let them assume what they would, and they assumed and came to accept him as a Namas over the years which spanned ages.  He travels to his homeland privately at will, when he needs to retreat from his duties in Hawkers' Fort.  He enjoys his good father's company and visits him when he misses him as well.   Argal does not mean to mislead the people of Morashtar, but only wished to make a life for himself there that was his own.



Abilities Level Damage/Power Path Level Damage/Power
Base Physical Actions HB +4 AR +4 33 +31 Strength damage Base Magic Actions 40 HB +5, AR +4, +Spell Level Damage
Melee Combat 30 +36 Sword, +37 Morning Star Flail Umbramancy 41 +41 --- (opens in new window)
Archery 35 +45 Longbow, +50 Crossbow Spectremancy 42 +42 --- (opens in new window)
Wilderness Survival 30 camp, gather, hunt, navigate Sorcery 36 +36 --- (opens in new window)
Underground Survival 40 camp, gather, hunt, navigate Wizardry 40 +40 --- (opens in new window)
Desert Survival 25 gather, shelter, water, etc... Mental Tower 41 +41
Equestrianship 40 riding, training, grooming Conjuration 38 +38
Mineralology 35 identify minerals Fomor Abilities Level Damage/Power
Cryptology 38 decipher runes, glyphs, etc.. Telepathy 45 +45
Arcane Lore 40 +1 init per ace, +1 HB Fomor Riposte 41 +82 blocking
arcane seals 40 barrier around power Telekinesis 35-45 area +1 yard p.s. call effect
arcane marks 45 vs. detection and ID Alacricity 8 +1 AR per ace, +1 mvm p.s.
fork power 41 +1 target, +1 per ace Bestial Form 45 +31, +5 stealth
loop power 40 vs. dispells and disjoining Claws "..." +2 per 5 levels, +16
layer power 39 combine +1 spell per ace Bite "..." +1 per 2 levels, +22
smart spells 38 +1 intel & log per ace & stam used Horns "..." +1 per level, +45
factor 40 +1 defensive factor per ace Tail "..." +1 per 5 levels, +8 whip
Vital Stats Level Specifications Wings "..." +1 per 5 levels, +8 flail, flight
Health 1395 death when HP is at 0 Shapeshift 40 +1 form per 5 levels
Regeneration 35 -35 d6 damage next turn human 35 blend in, -5 all paths
Fortitude 10 -10 damage per hit taken ice bear 25 ice elements
Stamina 45 pass out when stam is at 1 shadow lion 25 shadow elements
Strength 31 adds to phys. attack dmg Vital Tap 35 tap demon traits, max lvl 35
Willpower 35 vs. mental attacks. Possess by Touch 35 +1 willpower per ace
Immunities N/A ice-cold, disease, depletion Dominate 36 +1 willpower per ace
Weakness: electrical N/A 5% resistance max Planeswalker 38 +1 location per level



Physical Checks Level Use Mental Checks Level Use Alertness Checks Level Use
Strength 31 vs. str. adds damage Willpower 35 vs. dom. and pain Vision 17 movement alertness
Stamina 45 phys. withstanding Intelligence 18 vs. mental challenges Olfactory 18 sensitivity to odors
Movement 16/24 +1 yard per success Constitution 36 vs. charms Hearing 15 sound alertness
Stealth 23 quietness Logic 18 vs. illusions Touch 16 sensitivity to contact
Reflexes 25 dodge and catch Wisdom 26 vs. influences Taste 17 sensitivity to flavor
Dexterity 18 out-manuever Courage 17 vs. fear Alertness 18 average vs. overall stealth
Fortutide 10 reduces damage Clairvoyace 14 detect spirits Danger Sense 25 3% per level, 75% chance



  • {1-3} Up to 1 pound.
  • {4-6} Up to 10 pounds
  • {7-9} Up to 50 pounds.
  • {10-12} Up to 200 pounds.
  • {13-15} Up to 500 pounds.
  • {16-18} Up to 1000 pounds
  • {19-21} Up to a ton.
  • {22-24} Up to five tons.
  • {25-27} Up to 10, 000 tons.
  • {28-30} Formulation of Commands-Blend with other powers, create artifacts, items, wards, etc.

    Notes and Telekinetic Examples

      Note: When opposing the strength of another character by grappling or holding telekinetically, Stamina Check vs. opposition's Strength Check. Purchase each level (1-40) but learn each command through practice, +1 command gained per successful application. each character can learn to command their own affects (or take effects listed).

      Examples of Effects
      Whiplash - if used with throw, doubles distance, otherwise is like a whip.
      Grappling Hold
      Bend the Physical - Bend an object, or person.
      Physical Distortion - Distort the shape of an object or person.
      Sculpt the Physical - Reshape an object or person.


  • {1-3} Touching subject.
  • {4-6} Within 30 feet of subject.
  • {7-9} Within visual range of subject.
  • {10-12} Within same city/borough as subject.
  • {13-15} In same state/providence as subject.
  • {16-18} In same country as subject.
  • {19-21} In same world as subject.
  • {22-24} Able to contact various subjects at same time anywhere in the world.
  • {25-27} Able to contact subjects anywhere and at any distance.
  • {28-30} Able to create mind gates to see, hear, and influence subject through a telepathic connection.
  • {31-35} Telepathic Visionary - connect to someone met before telepathically and see them as well as hear them and their thoughts within their surroundings. See and hear those around them as well. Area of vision is +1 yard per success radius around target.
  • {36-40} Formulation of Commands - Formulate and Improvise telepathic effects and powers, and make telepathic items, wards, or artifacts.


      This power fails with no Aces and can backlash to damage constitution by -1 per 1 rolled for +1 day per success.


    Conjuration is a gate summoning spell until high levels are reached. Fabrication spells are true conjuration powers.

  • 1 (1-3) Conjure Food: 1 food item per success
  • 2 (4-6) Conjure Liquid: called liquid including beverages, up to 1 gallon per success. This spell fails on milk when used by a puka owed to a blood curse.
  • 3 (7-9) Conjure Item: conjure a single called item of a size that can be hand held.
  • 4 (10-12) Conjure Multiple Targets - conjure up to +1 called item, food, or beverage per success.
  • 5 (13-15): Conjure Gate: conjure an elemental gateway which closes distances through the elemental plane called which only those selected to enter can pass through.
  • 6 (16-18): Conjure Beasts: conjure up to +1 creature per success as called.
  • 7 (19-21): Fabricate Item: create a called item out of the elemental planes.
  • 8 (22-24) Fabricate Magic Item: create a called magic item out of the elemental planes with an elemental power.
  • 9 (25-27) Fabricate Multiple Targets: create up to +1 called target per success.
  • 10 (28-30) Arcane Fabrication: create magical items with any power from the arcane spell book.
  • 11 (31-35) Fabricate Haven: fabricate a mansion or fortress as called out of the elemental plane. +1 aspect of the mansion or castle fabricated per success as called. Area of up to 50 square yards per success.
  • 12 (36-40) Fabricate Wilderness: fabricate rocks, trees, plants, soil, watersheds and streams, etc out of the elemental plane. +1 aspect fabricated per success as called. Area of up to 100 square yards per success.

    Mental Tower

  • 1-{1-3} Stupefy - Mage scrambles subject's senses making them dazed and confused, -1 AR, -1 AR per ace.
  • 2-{4-6} Reveal Reality - Subject sees, feels, and senses things as they really are.
  • 3-{7-9} Mental Sanctuary - Subject is protected against attacks against the will or mind, and mental trespasses.
  • 4-{10-12} Persuasion - Subject is swayed to see or believe things as the mage dictates.
  • 5-{13-15} Mental Bequest - Mage bequeaths a mental advantage to subject, or enchants an item which improves a mental check. +1 called mental check, +1 per ace as called.
  • 6-{16-18} Embed Memory - Mage implants 1 memory in subject's mind that the target believes to be TRUE.
  • 7-{19-21} Dementia - Subject's mental faculties are shattered, -1 all mental checks per success, or cause insanity with a permanent psychosis, the mage determining what triggers it and the effects of that trigger.
  • 8-{22-24} Purify the Mind - Subject's mind is healed of any damage caused by past emotional or physical traumas, while thoughts become clear and untainted by negativity. Also cleanses mind of any mental tampering.
  • 9-{25-27} Restructure Memory - Part or all of a subject's memories are wiped clean and replaced with new memories of the Mage's invention.
  • 10-{28-30} Immunity to Mental Tampering - Mages can make a subject immune to any kind of mental tampering, or all mental tampering.
  • 11- {31-35} Smite the Mind - Lowers all mental checks to -1 per success (to as low as 2) permanently or temporarily as called, crit required to succeed.
  • 12- {36-40} Arch Tower of the Mind - Improvise and create mental commands, applications, and spells as called. Level=Magic Level Used. LoD=Total MA roll.
    • Mental Asphyxiation-Gradual loss of mental faculties, -1, -1 per ace per turn, lasts 1 turn per success.
    • Memory Displacement Ward-Anyone entering warded area will forget they were there when they leave warded area, +1 yard per success ward area.