Cevari Alaamea


Player Name: Sarah
Screen Name: LiftTheDarkness
Email: lifttthedarkness@aol.com
Date of Character Creation: 8/14/14
RPG Platform: TMK
Status: Member (join an existing faction)
Faction: Alpha


Character Name: Cevari Alaamea
Race: Planar Abyss Walker
Sub-Race: Neffari human
Character Age: 687
Age by Appearance: mid 20s
Skin Colour: sienna brown
Hair Colour: black, curly but very long, length weighs down the curls
Eye Colour: indigo blue
Height: 5'8
Weight: 190
Defining Features: tribal tattoos of scales out of balance, caravan, and erisetki pentagrams
Styles: neffari silks and traveling robes, long dress jackets embroidered with gems with silk tunics beneath, various jewelry, most of it protective
Place of Origin: Leonese System: Morashtar
Location: Cevari Shelf (palace and 1000 league rock landmass within Acheron's chasm), anywhere in Acheron, Desert of Fire, but travels all over in his Caravan
Resources: Has accumulated 660 plus years of wealth and trade goods.
Keeps his goods in a dimensional haversack and larger trade items in a merchant wagon he can summon with the planar lombra which pull it. The lombra are combat trained and will defend the wagon.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Name: Caprinio (Cap) Etsah
Race: Bhassir Namas Abyss Walker (planar)
Age: 690s
Class: Guardian
Combat Levels: Duel Swords and Shield Combat 38, +3 on all defensive,
AC 85
Paths and Levels:Lore Practitioner
Stats: 90% MR, Physical Checks 50, Mental Checks 25, +25 WP ,
Information:Caprinio is the captain of the Cevari Caravan guards and with his guards followed Cevari into Acheron where he AND they became planars and have remained his caravan guards ever since.
Name: Cevari Caravan Guards
Nakaar (Nak),
Teqaalu (Tek),
Cesiuaa (kesh-wah, also called (Kesh),
Sevros (Sev),
Tumet (Tombs),
Rehaad (Rae)
Race: Neffari Abyss Walkers (planars)
Age: 670s-680s
Class: Guardians
Combat Levels: Duel Swords and Shield Combat 34, +3 on all defensive,
AC 80
Paths and Levels Kesh:36 Abyssmancer, and 34 Mentalist (telepathy, telekinesis, mental tower, mind walker)
Paths and Levels Sevros: 34 Elementalist, +2 in Morphing
Stats: 80% MR, Physical Checks 40, Mental Checks 22, +20 WP, the two mages have -10 physical and +20 intell,
Information: These guards answer to Cevari and their leader Caprinio. All of them followed Cevari into Acheron where he AND they became planars and have remained his caravan guards ever since.
Name: Selth and Deyar
Race: Lombra Abyss Specters
Age: 690s
Class: Guardian
Combat Levels: Combat: 24, Rear Claws: +25, Kick: +32, Trample: +67, Horns: +18, Charge: +39 (Strength +10 damage), Bite: +8
Paths and Levels: Level 24 Abyss Elemental, Bleak Riposte (defensive shield which drains health and stamina on success), Wasting Wound (any wound by claws, horns or bite has a 2% chance per level of draining all physical checks by -1 per turn until a cure is found, health also declines as strength and stamina decline. If death occurs while being drained victim becomes an abyssal specter of the Cevari Shelf and is subject to Cevari's commands.
Strength-29, Stamina-40, Mvm-25, Dex-17, Intelligence-15
Leap: 3 d6 feet Nightvision, Regeneration: +10
Information: Horns and hooves are flesh coloured, and they have a russet-brown, goat-like beard. Eyes are amber with slit pupils. Pelt is a light dun. Their tails have a sienna-brown or umber-brown bushy tip. Legs are striped with darkish brown. These lombra also traveled to Acheron with Cevari and his guards and were likewise turned in abyss walker planars.


The younger brother of Wyrvaust Alaamae, Cevari has spent much of his life seeking his brother who disappeared when he was 22 years of age, a search which carried him to the black cavern mountains of the north and the dangerous paths through lava belly mountain which led to the cavernous gateway of Acheron's badlands. From there he went to the very gates of Acheron where not he, but his guards fought the guardian of the gate who was then a great Balrog, who was caught on an off day and lost, thus having to yield and let them gain entry into Acheron. The group survived many perils and challenges before finding their way to the 7th circle of Hell, where they entered the capital city and went to the very gates of Morning Star palace. For the feat of reaching the city they had been shown through every gate from there they met and to the throne of the Morning Star, who listened to Cevari's pleas to help him locate his brother.

"What makes you so certain he is alive?" The Morning Star began by asking him.

"Because if he were dead I would feel it in my heart," Cevari told him.

Now because his brother was in the hands of some very notorious demons, when Cevari offered his soul should the devil help him find his brother, Maelmorda agreed to Cevari's terms but let the Neffari's own mistakes teach him a lesson which would show him the way to Wyrvaust when the time was more opportune for both Cevari and Wyrvaust. Had Mael sent Cevari then, as was, he and all his brave guards would have perished, or worse. (Acheron had let them slip past. Really, No human or pack of them could survive Acheron unless it wanted them to. It threw hard challenges at them it knew they could survive, with enough courage, luck, and skill. Like most things Acheron, it had been a test.) Maelmorda agreed to Cevari's terms. He would help Cevari find his brother Wyrvaust in exchange for his soul. Deal made and sealed and bound in blood and spirit. Cevari had not specified WHEN Mael was to locate his brother. Nor had he specified WHEN Maelmorda would get to collect on his soul. So... Maelmorda plunged Cevari and his brave guards one and all into the spectral end of the abyss and there left them... a good three years, by which time they had become so deeply infused with the vacuously spectral energies there that they had all become Planar creatures of the abyssal variety, Abyss Walkers, and had only even survived their fall into the Abyss because Acheron had protected their flesh and spirits from being consumed by the void. Instead, a gradual process of flesh and spirit and void all melting together occurred until they were what they became, creatures of flesh as much as abyssal spirit who were all bound to the chasm and Acheron. While in the spectral quarter of the Abyss, they found a ruin deep down within the chasm walls that was intact enough to make a home of. It had clearly once been a mighty fortress that had long ages ago fallen into ruins from disuse. There they stayed as their bodies and spirits changed, and there they practiced and shaped the powers which began to flow through them. It was on the third year they discovered they could shorten distances through the abyss, and on the fifth year... leave it. But they could not leave Acheron, not yet, the way to them was closed. So Cevari once again found himself standing before the Morning Star on his throne, his guards beside him.

"What trickery is this? I gave my SOUL to you in good faith and you TRAP us?! I' realize you're the devil... but..."

"Well," the devil answered curtly, yet there was an edge of amusement underlying his tones. "Now I have claimed your soul we can move on to the abet end, eh?" he smiled sweetly as you please. "You may now come and go from Acheron to look for your brother as you please. But know this... You are now an Abyss Walker," he gave name to what they were, "That means you can only leave Acheron which you are tied to by the Abyss for short durations before the Abyss pulls you back to your keep again. As you increase your power you may extend the duration of your stay elsewhere, and also extend it by consumption of spirits or through abyssal energies... such as draining someone of life or vigor. In other words, you must feed your spectral being to remain abroad of Acheron and the home you have made there."

"Very well," Cevari understood well enough. "So will you tell me where my brother is now?"

Maelmorda laughed at his determination. "I have given you the time needed to find him. You asked for my help, and I have given it, extended your life so you wont perish before finding him. If you have not found him on your own by the time I believe he is ready to be found by you, I shall locate him for you. That is the best I can or will do for now." He smiled. "We are done here, Go," he dismissed him.

Cevari frowned. "You tricked me..."

Maelmorda stood and he was much taller than he was a moment ago, and a shadow grew around him which swallowed Cevari. "Don't try my patience, boy. You tricked yourself! You were a young merchant before coming here, and will come to be a merchant, our merchant, still. Well let me give you the lesson your father should have and failed to. Never make a deal without considering the terms of it carefully. You never SET any conditions. Soul, help. I have HELD UP my end. YOU have no choice but to uphold yours. You never said WHEN I should locate your brother, or WHEN I should collect your soul. Oh there are rules in Acheron, but by coming HERE on MY turf, you forfeited your mortal rights. Such as... I cannot collect a soul until death, else a pact is struck WITHIN Acheron by a party who willingly enters ours territory, OR if said party agrees to submit their soul before death." He sighed deeply. "SO many clauses. BUT, they ARE simple and completely fair. Your over-sights are not my fault. The fault is yours, for failing to set terms. This is what was meant to happen anyway. Lastly, for future reference, NEVER again speak to me AFTER you have been dismissed, or you will learn what TRUE hell is. You're a nice kid. Let's keep it that way., hmm? Now LEAVE." Maelmorda plopped back down in his throne at that, and Cevari obeyed, leaving Acheron altogether with his guards entow.

The first years were the hardest. He could only leave Acheron for a few hours before being pulled back on. Maelmorda called on him now and again asking him to find him or fetch him this or that, but he paid well, as did the other denizens of Acheron. He also sold surplus items he came across to the mortal cliche in Morendor. He found himself some things too... a dimensional haversack he stored his goods in. In time he added some of his own enchantments to it. Made the holding area larger, infinite actually, warded it so that if anyone tried to access it they would be sucked into the abyss and trapped in his fortress, which showed signs of improvements being made every time he returned. The Morning Star had evidently ordered that the ruins be restored. He wasn't all bad after all. But as time dragged on and on and on, no matter how wealthy and powerful Cevari and his men got, his reason for it was not being answered. Every lead on his brother led to a dead end. It was infuriating that his 'maker' refused to give him a simple location, but year after year he said it was not time yet. And... he ended up punishing Cevari for pestering him about it. He let Cevari meet Scream Hammer and WATCH as one of his guards, Rehaad, was skinned alive. Rehaad had badmouthed Maelmorda a couple of times. He never badmouthed him again. Scream Hammer warned Cevari that he was next if he ever disrespected the Morning Star again. "Gotta be tough to shape chaos into order, kid," Scream Hammer told the Neffari. "You're a Hellion now, so shape up, for your own sake. We aint all evil, heh heh,, though I sure aint good. Point is, he don't wanna break the good ones like you, cuzz they don't deserve it, but he will if he don't get the respect he has t' have. Stand in his shoes, Cev. Now take your guy and get the fuck outta my torture chamber!"

That was the first and last time Cevari met Scream Hammer in his element.

So it went, and so he searched, until finally, one night at his camp in the desert of fire, after a hard day at a market in another village, the Morning Star woke him up. He felt someone shake him but when he sat up no one was there. "He is in Tirkasghul, fortress of the dragons. You better hurry if you want to catch him before he leaves. SHOW respect to your king or he is liable to eat you. Not a good way to return to your palace." And that was that. He now KNEW where his brother was. No one had to tell him twice to hurry. This time... He left his guards at camp, ordered them to wait until they got word from him. He did not wish to risk their diligence compromising any chances he had at finally seeing his brother.


Renown Rank: 224 (overall prowess and persuasion)
Warrior Rank: 56 (combat prowess)
Artificer Rank: 184 (arcane prowess)
Character Rank: 91 (innate and unarmed prowess)
Civic Rank: 134 (persuasiveness)


Class: Merchant:
Class Bonus: Merchant:
Merchant skill set
Persuade: +1 on all persuasion rolls.
Drive a Hard Bargain: get +10% better prices for goods.
Charm: +3 charisma
Bonuses: +3 intelligence, +4 willpower, +3 charisma


Archer Doyen: take only if your character's ONLY weapons are bows and crossbows. +3 HB, +5 strength, +10 draw-weight,
Archery: can use longbow, shortbow, crossbow, compound bow, great bow, recurve bow, state draw weight on drawn bows (strength x 2 = max draw weight = damage)
Armour Piercing Shot: +2% chance of piercing armor per level, max of 80%.
Arrow Craft: make arrows and crossbow bolts at +4 d6 damage, +1 d6 damage per additional level
Arrow Flurry: Attack all nearby with arrow volley, -1 HB penalty, a 1-2 on hit dice misses and gets no HB, cost of 2 AR. Radius of up to 10 feet, +1 foot per success.
Bow Craft: make bow with up to 45 lb draw weight, +5 lbs per additional level. Takes one day.
Bow and Fletcher: make bows with up to 45 lb draw weight, +5 lbs per additional level, make arrows, know what wood to use, how to shape and layer wood, how to make a rudimentary lathe, how to knap arrowheads and make them out of steel, fletch and make well balanced and straight arrows, requires one month to make bow while traveling, two weeks stationary, and one day per arrow. Knowledge of making makeshift bows and arrows on the fly in 1 d6 hours at 0 HB and damage of 3 d6 total.
Critical Chance: improves chance to make a critical hit by +2% per level, even when hit dice miss. Maxes at 90%. -1 additional stamina to use.
Crossbow Combat: +1 d6 with crossbows
Longshot: range of +10 extra yards per ace.
Mounted Archer: +1 dexterity, use bow while on horseback, dexterity vs. movement check while moving.
Multi Shot: +1 AR, hit up to +1 target, +1 per ace for each attack with a bow, uses -1 stamina per target in addition to AR stamina cost.
No Obstacle Penalty: can find clear shots around any obstacle (does not include armor)
Open Wound: +2 additional wounding damage per turn for +1 turn, +1 per ace.
Pinning Shot: target cannot move for 3 seconds, +1 second per ace.
Replenishing Quiver: quiver never runs out of arrow type used.
Staggering Shot: normal arrows can stagger for 0 HB, for +1 action, +1 per ace.
Stunning Shot: normal arrows can stun for -1 AR, -1 per ace.
Thrash: +1 strength, use bow as a melee weapon much like a quarter staff to strike opponents, stuns -1 AR, -1 pa, weight of bow + character strength = dmg. (excellent for doyens to take)
True Aim: Never shoot a friend with an arrow, +2 HB.
Whistling Arrow: -1 HB distraction, -1 HB per ace, arrow fletching is cut in just such a way to make arrows whistle. Can also be used to draw attention away from something or someone and towards sound of arrow (arrow is faster than its sound), grants +1 AR, +1 per ace to anyone arrow detracts attention from.
Wicked Spin: +5 damage per ace on arrows when this skill is called.

Adeptness, Daggers: (type) +1-HB
Ambush: Stealth and Strategy vs. Alertness for init. +1 on all rolls, +critical damage first attack if init succeeds. Enemy takes -1 on all rolls if init succeeds.
Ammunition Craft: The ability to make ammunition, Intelligence and Wisdom vs. Ammunition Creation LoD.
Balance Adeptness: +1 vs. trips, falls, +1 vs. LoD
Charioteer: Level chariot driving during combat or at other times.
Combat Derision (war): Enemies rush to attack the mocker, ignoring spells, missile weapons, or strategy to attack physically at -2 HB, -2 AC or -2 HB Defense, and -2 all checks. Lasts 1d6 turns., draws enemy fire away from allies.
Concentration: +1 focus per success on all rolls requiring concentration.
Constricting Attack: +1 on death hold or strangling.
Death Blow: (type) +1 HB
Defense Bonus: +1 HB on defense.
Deft Strike: +1 HB, add to hit dice, +1 dex and mvm.
Dodge: +1 dexterity and movement.
Duel Wield: carry two one handed weapons, +1 strength.
Edged Weapons: +1 (swords, daggers, axes, etc.)
Enhanced Dodge: +1 dexterity and movement on dodges
Knife Expertise: +1 HB with knives
Knife Throwing: +1 HB thrown knives
Weapons Smith: Level +1
Thrown Weapon: +1 HB thrown weapon
Ambidexterity, Combat: (type) No penalty loss using weapon with either hand.
Daredevil Flight: +1 HB, +1 dexterity for escapes and evasions
Dirty Fighting: +1 anything goes
Drunken Fighting: Level take no penalty while fighting drunk.
Cripple: -1 turn, -1 per ace, knockdown on crit for -3 turns.
Enhanced Parry: +1 HB melee defense
Enhanced Move: +1 movement
Flurry: +1 action (AR)
Knife Tricks: -1 dexterity and movement to target if knife tricks are used in an attack.
Willpower, +1 focus
Moving Target Precision: (weapon type) +1-HB-Moving Targets
Parry Missiled Weapons: +1, use a melee weapon to parry arrows and thrown weapons
Quick Reflexes: +1 dexterity, +1 movement.
Riposte: +1 counter-attack damage per level (strength+riposte damage) with successful block.
Saving Throw Bonus: +1
Stealth: +1
Street Fighting: Level +1
True Aim Missile: +2 HB
True Aim Melee: +1 HB
Wound: inflicts sustained damage which reduces HP until healed
Zero-Sum Defense: attacker takes damage or effect equal to damage or effect they inflict. Defender takes -5 stamina progressively each time this defense is used, range combat only.

..... total roll=potency to benefit or harm.
..... beneficial effects and checks are affected by +1, +1 per ace.
..... harmful effects and checks are affected by -1, -1 per ace.
..... Two 'like' ingredients required to make a mixture. (remedy + remedy = remedy, poison + poison = poison, potion + potion = potion etc.)
..... If a mixture has 4 effects, 8 ingrediants are needed.
..... Record mixtures made and their effects on a potion list under ingredients list. Keep in character folder in file named Apothecary.
..... If roll fails, ingredients are lost and mixture fails.

Book Research: gain +5 XP each time character does book research towards apothecary skills, roll once a day for success of research.
Camping: basic knowledge of camping while doing field research and collecting herbs and minerals; build fire, pitch tent, make leanto, find spring water.
Chemistry: +1 HB, +3 d6 towards success and potency.
Climb: +1, +1 dexterity, climb to those hard to reach herbs and minerals.
Expert Apothecary: get more out of less, double amount of doses made in a batch whenever a crit is rolled.
Field Research: gain +10 XP each time character does field research towards apothecary skills, roll once a day for success of research.
Find Gemstones: because of your knowledge of minerals, you are more prone than most to find valuable precious (1, +1 per ace w/crit) and semi-precious gems (1, +1 per ace) at value of 1 gold per semi-precious, and 10 gold per precious gem. Roll when in mineral rich areas (as called by GM).
Find Rare Ingredients: these hard to find ingredients boost a mixture to critical potency. +2% chance per level of finding the remote or hidden locations where these ingredients, whether mineral or herbal, can be found. (a valid side quest post will take the place of a roll).
Forage Adeptness: Identify, and correctly harvest, edible plants, mushrooms, nuts, roots, herbs and know how to prepare them. +1 intelligence . +1 edible plant found per success.
Herbalist: Find, Identify, and correctly harvest, medicinal or poisonous plants, mushrooms, nuts, roots, and herbs and know how to prepare them. +1 intelligence . +1 medicinal or poisonous plant found with successful roll, +1 per ace. Call whether for potion, poison, or remedy. Roll when making a potion, remedy or poison to determine if character has supplies needed or add ingredient types found to a supply list when rolled.
Jump: +1, +1 dexterity, jump across gaps to those hard to reach herbs and minerals.
Make Medicine: using items collected, make medicine with 1 called effect which restores a called check or HP, +1 additional effect or dose per AR spent.
Make Poison: using items collected, make poison with 1 called effect which damages a called check or HP, +1 additional effect or dose per AR spent.
Make Potion: using items collected, make a potion with 1 called effect which effects a called check, stat, action, or HP, +1 additional effect or potion per AR spent.
Mineralogist: Identify, and correctly collect, medicinal or poisonous minerals and know how to refine them. +1 intelligence . +1 medicinal or poisonous mineral found with successful roll, +1 per ace. Call whether for potion, poison, or remedy. Roll when making a potion, remedy or poison to determine if character has supplies needed or add ingredient types found to a supply list when rolled.
Panning: because of your knowledge of minerals, you have taken an interest in gold panning to help find the minerals you need. Gain +1 gold value per success. Pan in creeks, rivers and lakes or where a slues is set up. If hit dice fail, no gold or other valuable metals are found. +1 ingredient mineral found, +1 per ace whenever roll succeeds.
Poison Tolerance: by test sampling your own poisons, you have gained a strong resistance to poisons. +1% poison resistance per poison sampled.
Lose -1 HP permanently per poison sampled. This ability allows character to trade HP for poison resistance.
Resistance to Sleep: testing sleep potions has given character a strong resistance to the same. +1% sleep resistance per potion sampled. Lose -1 HP permanently per poison sampled. This ability allows character to trade HP for resistance to forced sleep effects.
Resistance to Paralysis: testing paralysis mixtures has given character a strong resistance to the same. +1% paralysis resistance per mixture sampled. Lose -1 HP permanently per mixture sampled. This ability allows character to trade HP for resistance to paralysis effects.
Swim: +1, +1 stamina, swim to those waterside and underwater herbs and minerals.
Test Results: sample your own potions, remedies and poisons to test their effects and learn unexpected effects, add +1 effect to a mixture.
More Pending

Note: rider skills can be used on any kind of mount.
Mount Types: Horses, Lombra, Dragons
Aerial Combat: (take if mount is winged) +3 HB on attacks and defense while mounted and in flight.
Call Mount: mount will come when whistled or called for.
Combat Archer: +2 HB while mounted.
Daredevil Riding: difficult to catch while mounted, mount gains +5 dexterity and mvm, -5 stamina.
Defender: wild attack by mount which does enemy +5 added damage to any attack and grants rider +2 HB defense.
Hard to Dismount: 50% chance a dismounting attack will fail.
Jumping: clear fallens trees and normal fences without incident, over obstacles up to +4 feet high, +1 per ace.
Jump Gaps: jump over small ravines, creek gullies and the like, up to +10 feet distance, +1 per ace.
Mounted Charge: add mvm of mount to damage.
Recovery: +2% chance per level of mount and rider recovering from a fall.
Ride Mount: (type) gain mvm of animal type. -1 stamina per mile traveled to animal while running.
Traverse Dangerous Paths: without injury to horse and rider

Persuasion: +1 charisma and intelligence to roll vs. intelligence.
Deception: +1 charisma and intelligence to roll vs. intelligence.
Contacts: +1 contact. +5% chance of getting what you need per contact.
Buy additional contacts when you level up.
Charm: +1 charisma vs. willpower to charm someone into doing something as called.
Sales Pitch: +1 charisma and intelligence to roll vs. wisdom while pitching an item
Shop Security Measures: +1 LoD security per success, double on a crit, roll once a day each time security is modified. List each security specification and what it protects against. Must have shop to use this ability.
Passive Riposte: +1 damage blocking to attacker per success each hit, doubles on a crit.
Defensive Combat: +2 HB self defense and defend shop during combat.
Unarmed Defense: +2 HB, +1 dexterity and movement per ace to dodge and take evasive measures.
Wheeler and Dealer: +1% chance per level of finding and getting a good deal on merchandise at 50% off normal buyer's cost, or +1 charisma and intelligence to roll per ace vs. played supplier.
Merchant Ship: character owns his/her own ship and has their own crew of up to +1 member, +1 per level, and can trade overseas. Merchant can also use this ship as a shop. Level of each crew member is +1 per success. Specify type of ship. Specify name and race of each crew member with their base level and main stats.
City Shop: character has his/her own shop in a city. Name location and describe or make a map of shop layout. +15 LoD security. Triple cost.
Village Shop: character has his/her own shop in a village. Name location and describe or make a map of shop layout. +10 LoD security. Double cost.
Caravan Shop: character is a traveling merchant with a carvan which acts as a shop. +5 LoD security. Inform other players where shop is each time it moves.
Buy and Sell Weapons: buy at half cost
Buy and Sell Armour: buy at half cost
Buy and Sell Enchanted Armour: buy at half cost
Buy and Sell Enchanted Weapons: buy at half cost
Buy and Sell Magic Items: buy at half cost
Buy and Sell Scrolls: buy at half cost.
Buy and Sell Apothocary Goods: buy at half cost, includes potions.
Buy and Sell Provisions: buy at half cost
Buy and Sell Furniture: buy at half cost.
Buy and Sell Books and Maps: buy at half cost.
Buy and Sell Gems and Gifts: buy at half cost.
Buy and Sell Rare Items: buy at half cost.
Business and Finances: +2% chance per level vs. loss of profits, this is a check roll called by GM or player. Chance of Profits falling each check is determined by a 1 d100 roll. Chances can be decreased by shop efficiency points and increased by deficiency points.
Economics: +1 d6 on mental rolls concerning economics.
Languages: (type) +1 charisma and wisdom speaking to anyone in their own language.
Keen Intellect: +1 intelligence vs. persuasive actions
Keen Wit: +1 charisma
More Pending

1. Street Survival:
Street Smarts: know who to talk to, how to talk fast, and who to avoid, skill and +1 charisma per ace vs. intelligence. Skill vs. Level of Danger.
Find Food: know where to get food free or cheap. Ace required to find food, +1 food article found per ace.
Find Safe Shelter: find safe places to sleep or squat. +5% chance per level.
Street Mapping: knowing the streets inside out. Skill vs. LoD of challenge.
Quick Escape: jump fences and know what alleys and streets to use to make a quick getaway, +1 mvm, +1 dexterity per ace.
Play the System: knowing how the system in a city works and taking advantage of it as much as possible. (skills vs. LoD of challenge)
Contacts: +10 contacts. +5% chance of getting what you need per contact. Buy additional contacts when you level up.
Attitude: others are impressed by character and show them respect. +2 charisma, +1 per ace vs. willpower.
Hard to Shake: character is hard to rattle and will not give in easily to intimidation or pain. +2 willpower, +1 per ace vs. level of threat.

3. Underground Survival:
Make Fire: Methods of sparking and building fires. Aces vs. Number of adverse conditions. Each condition cancels out one ace.
Night Vision: The ability to see well in the dark, +1 per level.
Make Torch: know how to make a torch out of materials found in or around a cave to light the way. Ace required for materials; Torch lasts 1 hour per success.
Danger Sense: Sense if danger lies ahead, +1 per level vs. level of danger.
Abyss Swimmer: character can survive the strong currents and cold water of subterranean rivers, and can swim in underground lakes and streams, +1 strength and stamina per ace, resist cold +10% per ace.
Cold Tolerance: +50% (150% stacked with immunity), character develops a tolerance to the cold from being in caves and is not bothered by the chill of caverns. If underground long enough they may resist freezing temperatures for awhile.
Cave Lore: knowing what kind of creatures, water, gasses, passages, etc, are in caves, when they are safe, and when they are not through a cavern's history, stories, and research. Level +3 vs. LoD of challenges.
Spelunking: How to maneuver and find your way around in a cavern's dangerous networks of tunnels, Level vs. LoD of challenge.
Cave Sounds: understanding the sounds in a cave to know when they mean danger, Level vs. LoD of Sounds.
Cave Foraging: finding food in caves such as fish in streams, den mammals, snakes, frogs, salamanders, rats, birds, bats, edible algae and cave moss, etc. +1 food item per ace per ace.
Alter Environment: know how to dry a cave out and heat it without dangerous levels of smoke or fumes to make it livable. Total Roll=Quality of Environment.
Fuel Source: Finding a natural source of fuel for fires in a cave and putting it to use safely (i.e. without causing an explosion) 10% chance of success per ace.
Set Snares and Traps: +1 intelligence to roll, Level (LoD) vs. detection
Find and Remove Hidden Doors and Traps: +1 perception. skill vs. concealment (LoD) level.
Conceal Doors: skill determines level (LoD) of hidden door concealment.
Cavern Fortress: fortifying a cave and taking steps to make a haven out of it. LoD of each passage and cave chamber is 30.
Luminescent Algae: learn how to grow phosphorescent cave algae and use it to light paths in a cavern fortress. LoD of 35 per chamber or tunnel.
Cave Prospecting: know where and how to find precious metals and gems in a cave and how to mine them safely. Level vs. LoD of each area mined. If successful, Total Roll=Value of gems in Gold safely extracted from each area. Botches result in a cave in that is deadly if a natural crit is rolled on hit dice. Otherwise, damage is depth=# d6 with 1 d6=HB.

4. Desert Survival:
Heat Tolerance: +5% per level
Find Water: knowing where and how to find safe water to drink, +5% chance per ace of finding clean water. The lower the roll, the cleaner the water.
Find Edible, Water Sustaining and Medicinal Plants: +1 sustaining plant per ace found per day.
Find Shelter: know where in the desert to find shelter, +10% chance of finding shelter per day.
Avoid Flash Floods: +2 movement, +1 dexterity, +1 intelligence to roll per ace vs. LoD of Flash Flood.
Desert Wildlife: know what kind of animals there are in the desert and what kind to avoid or eat, +1 intelligence to roll, +1 per ace.
Sand Caves: Know where to find caves beneath the sand for shelter and how to avoid dangers in them, +5% chance per ace of finding sand caves per day, Level vs. LoD of natural dangers.
Build Shelter: knowledge of how to build shelters which will stand up and protect against and desert elements, +1 strength and durability per success. Ace required to find materials.
Oasis: know where to find oases in the desert. +5% chance per ace of finding an Oasis.
Escape Sand Storm: recognize signs of a sand storm and how to avoid it, Level vs. LoD of Sand Storm.
Avoid Lightning-sand: recognize signs of lightning sand by its round, flat (if never disturbed) or dished shape amidst dunes and how to avoid it, and avoid getting sucked in by remaining very still so as not to disturb it and cause further collapse if caught in a lightning sand pit. Level vs. LoD of Lightning-sand..


Rooted Quantum Abyssmancy: character can command abyss elements which result in only -1 stamina cost per spell, -5 stamina to crit.
Rooted Quantum Spectremancy: character can invoke spectral commands which result in only -1 stamina cost per spell, -5 stamina to crit.


Alchemy: use of chemistry with arcane knowledge to alter one form or mineral into another, create life lengthening elixirs, and make potions to cure diseases, curses, and poisons. Potions and poisons strength is
+1 per success, x ten with a crit. Each additional ingrediant adds to strength. Transformation simply requires a success. Each ingrediant is +100 gold per success, or must be found with 5% chance, +2% per magic class level.
Arcane Biology: +1 alchemy and apothecary, knowledge of what plant materials and creatures can retain magic and which do not.
Arcane Mineralogy: +1 enchantment, knowledge of what minerals retain magic and which do not
Arcane Sanctuary: mage can fuse the walls of a chamber, tower, or building with powers of protection and defensive effects which are factored against anti-factors
Combination: combine up to +1 powers per AR spent in one turn into a single multi-effect power or spell, stamina cost of single spell.
Conceal Power: hides marks, seals, signatures, and all traces of power by power (LoD) of roll vs. detection and identification powers.
Cryptology: study of runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals, etc.
Dismantle: effective against woven and layered spells.
Disrupt: damages loops so they can be dispelled.
Enchanter: enchant items with learned or 'borrowed' magic and seal to make enchantments last (must take Insolvent Channeling, Mark, Seal, and Signature with this skill), transient enchantments which are not sealed in an item only last for one encounter.
Factor: factor a spell with any +1 extra called effect within your spells books or magic skill set, -1 AR and any stamina used per factor.
Rooted Magic: character can learn two innate paths which incure only -1 stamina cost per spell, -5 stamina to crit.
Insolvent Channeling: channel the magic of others to combine, layer and weave spells and enchantments created by multiple magic users, +1 spell from another per AR spent.
Layer Magic: layer up to +1 powers per AR spent in one turn to create a multi-effect power which has to be torn down layer by layer, stamina cost of single spell +1 per additional AR used (each layer after the first costs -1 stamina).
Lore: Gain path of Lore, see Lore Class.
Loop Power: power forms a self-perpetuating loop which makes it impervious to dispelling and tears. Loops can only be shattered or disrupted (once disrupted they can be dispelled).
Magical Aptitude: +1 on magic related rolls.
Magic Damper: dampen levels of a magic by -1 damage or power per success.
Magic Enhancer: +1 d6 power
Magic Targeting: for use with missile and thrown spells, +1 HB.
Magic Tear: rips apart normal, layer and weave spells.
Magnetic Sense: +1 instincts, character can sense the presence of magic and those who wield it.
Mark: marks a sealed spell with a glyph unique to each magic user to allow them to trace, easily identify, and sense their power. Set LoD of mark by total roll.
Occultism: Demonology, gain +1 defense or attack against demons or devils.
Power Investiture: character can create wards with any power they possess.
Proof Power: protects a spell, magic item, or select object against specified effects or threats. Roll for each Proof cast. Total Roll = Power (LoD) of Proof.
Quick Casting: +1 mvm spells
Rune Lore: history and knowledge of runes, +1 intelligence to roll vs. LoD of runes.
Saving Throw Bonus, +1
Seal: makes a power permanent and protects a spell until seal is broken. Roll Total = LoD of Seal.
Shatter: use against normal spells, seals, and destroys loops.
Signature - infuses a spell with a specific signature which identifies a spell or enchanted item as the creation of the mage who 'signed it'. Mages can trace their signatures at will.
Signature Spells: Take only one per arcane path. Cast at +1 level, or +1 AR, or +1 HB, or foes get -1 save. 0-Stamina to cast.
Silent Casting: cast spells without speaking
Use Magic Items: use of enchanted scrolls, items, and objects, roll of an ace required to use.
Weave Power: weave up to +1 power together per AR spent. Even single powers are woven to create a stable power. Powers that are woven together can only be dismantled and are impervious to dispell. Normal stamina cost +1 stamina per AR used.


Languages: speak, read and write Shaamaa, Esurian, English, and Cenys
Trader: +1 charisma, double return on any investment if charisma succeeds against LoD of trade
Campfire Chef: make excellent quisine cooking out, restores full stamina
Treat Wounds: treat minor wounds to restore health over period of 1 d6 hours.
Treat Severe Wounds: treat serious wounds to restore health over a period of 1 d6 days.
Campside Distillery: can make a still and good liquor out of specific plants
Herbalist: +1 d6 chance to find, collect and use medicinal and poisonous plants.
Mineralology: +1 chance to find, collect and use valuable minerals and gemstones.
Hunting: +1 stealth, +1 archery, hunt and field dress animals
Tanning: tan hides, +1 d6 gold each (amount defines type of hide)
Furrier: tanning and proper conditioning of furs, +3 d6 gold each (amount defines type of fur)
Sewing: make and repair clothing and other sewn items
Swimming: +1 strength and stamina
Climbing: +1 dex
Running: +1 mvm
Make Shelter: tents, leantos and palm huts, +10 health on all healing rolls when sheltered
Leadership: +1 charisma, +1 on ally rolls


Spell Book I: Abyss - (abyssmancy)
Spell Book II: Abysmal Ice - (abyssmancy)
Spell Book III: Spectremancy


* Quantum Abyssmancy: Uses only -1 stamina per action, -5 per crit.
* Quantum Spectremancy: Uses only -1 stamina per action, -5 per crit.


Abyss Walker Traits:
Abyss Walk: planes walk by passing through the abyss.
Abyss Phase: phase into the abyss to avoid attacks or to relocate short distances.
Abyssal Absorption: if attacked by abyss energies or if within a dead zone, gain +1 health or stamina, or split between both, per +1 dmg or power intended.
Soul Eater: devour souls to maintain physical integrity and remain on material plane.
Abyss Eater: devour health or stamina of target, or abyss spells to maintain integrity.
Forms: if he takes serious damage in any form he immediately shifts to his home plane to recover over period of 1 d6 hours (from wounds) 1 d6 days (from death).
Spectral Form: take no physical damage, immune to necromancy
Subrace Form: form of past, Neffari, mortal in this form but does not age
Submergent Form: spectral and subrace forms merge and instead of physical form taking full damage, both forms take half damage. All stats shared. Form looks no different than subrace form.
Vulnerable to Plasma Charges and Lightning: damages spectral and physical forms.

Neffari Traits:
Immutable Magic Resistance: 95%
Heat Resistance: +30%
Improved Stamina: +10
Desert Survival: +3 skills free, desert survival skill set
Mortal (though he no longer ages)

Home Plane: Cevari Shelf and Bleak Palace (gloomy but well built and darkly beautiful fortress deep within the chasm walls of the abyss on a massive shelf of a thousand leagues which defines his territory). This is the place Cevari and his caravan return to regenerate their physical and spiritual forms when injured, exhausted, or just ready to rest and relax in safety.
Feats and Traits
Improved Strength: +5
Improved Stamina: +10
Confident: +1 willpower
Iron Will: +5 willpower
Charming: +3 charisma
Handsome: +3 charisma
Intelligent: +1 intell
Likeable: +2 charisma
Lucky: +2 save, +20% on all chance rolls towards attempted actions succeeding.

Cocky: -4 charisma when being cocky, and increases his chances of getting into trouble
Promiscuous: with females and occasionally males as well, this makes it hard for lovers to trust him when it gets out, -50% charsima vs. offended partners
Willful: +2 willpower but -4 charisma when being stubborn.
Mortal Form: though slightly stronger than a typical neffari he is human in this form and can sustain mortal injuries, difference is, such injuries send him back to the abyss to regenerate.
Non-Combative: -5 willpower vs. close combat, though an excellent archer and skilled with knives, he is not a fighter, and will avoid violence any way he can, even if he comes off as a coward. As such he needs defenders and comes off as weak to warrior types. No penalty to ranged attacks.
Bound: Cevari is bound to the Abyss which remade him, Acheron and the Morning Star therefore his fate is not always his own to command.
Abyss Walker Trait Disadvantages
Neffari Trait Disadvantages


Gold: 28,000,256
Property: Properties Owned:
Haven I: Cevari Palace
Haven Wards/Security: its in the abyss and warded with abyssmancy that will render unwanted trespassers utterly disabled by draining physical checks to 5 and stamina to 0 rapidly.
Establishment I: Merchant Caravan
Establishment Wards/Security: all kinds of abyss and elemental wards, vaults and locks and defended by his guards

Weapon: abyss daggers, set of 5
Type: thrown edged
Dmg: 100 each
Str: unlimited
Enchantments: improved damage, quiver of recall, daggers do abyssal dmg that drains strength, stamina and mvm by -1 each per hit, -5 per crit, improving wielder's checks by same amounts until spent
Weight: (.5 lb each)
Weapon: abyssal light crossbow
Type: piercing
Dmg: 150
Str: unlimited
Enchantments: same drains as daggers, restores the health of allies by +1 per success, soaking some of the damage done to enemies and restores physical checks by +1 per ace as drained from enemies.
Weight: (3 lbs each)
Damage Types
Cripple: -1 AR per ace until healed, base damage (daggers or crossbow)
Aggravated Damage: normal damage for +1 extra turns, +1 per ace. (crossbow)
Wound: damages each turn until healed. (daggers)

Piece: Ring of Mephisto (found it in the chasm)
AC: +155 armour on any clothing worn.
Material: gold infused with abyssal energies.
Quality: high
Craftsmanship: common
Enchantments: drains stamina and health of any enemy within ten feet
per turn.
Weight: negligible
AC subtracts from damage
Equipment: He is a 660 plus year old merchant, he has all the equipment
he needs and many magic items to use, sell and or trade,


Strength: 18/28
Stamina: 30/unlimited
Stealth: 25/10
Dexterity: 20/30
Movement: 20/30


Intelligence: 40
Willpower: 46
Charisma: 25/21 (if being cocky)
Wisdom: 18
Perception: 28


Health Points: 665
Action Rate: MAR +5, PAR +4
Regeneration Level: 10, or 1 d6 hours
Fortitude: 5
Resurrection Difficulty: 0


Knife Combat: 18 (includes smithing)
Archery: 22
Hand to Hand: 16
Merchant: 35
Apothecary: 25
Magic: 37 (includes enchanting)
Riding: 21
Survival: 28
_______ 1. Street Survival: 21
_______ 3. Underground Survival: 22
_______ 4. Desert Survival: 25
Armour Class: 155
Path I: Abyssmancy: 36
Path II: Abyssal Ice: 36
Path III: Spectremancy: 36
Trait Abilities: 39
Feats: Abyss Walker Feats: 36
Common Skills: 25
Save Bonus: +3
Resistance: MR 95%
Immunities: Immune to cold, spirit form immune to abyss effects and necromancy


Rank Dot Gained: DOT RANKS
White: 5
Purple: 5
Blue: 3

Rank Dots Spent:
Current Story Goals:
Current Missions: Finding Wyrvaust:
Find his brother: done
Help his brother overcome his past (current)
Help Arilwen to cope (current)
Find a Place within the Hellraptor Tribe (current)
Four Eyes are Better than Two: Treasure Hunt -- take Arilwen to the chasm and seek the amulet of Aras, a treasure which can help her protect Wyrvaust from capture by any enemy, no matter how powerful.
Gain entrance to the Abyss with Arilwen
Protect Arilwen from the Abyss
Find 6 things lost by the Morning Star, a prism, a book, a circlet, an antler, a claw, and a large scale.
Find the Amulet of Aras

Sell and Trade
Gain New Customer
Practice Abyss Walker Ability
Practice Path
Practice Archery
Practice Knife Throwing
Practice Knife Fighting