Gabrian Zephraniah

Race: Tsetar Angel of Thrones, death angel of Famine
Appearance: dense, black curly hair as soft as silk streaked with auburn and silver, one green eye and one pale-silver eye, flesh scribed in mythemyn cuniform, also bears Sammael's mark of soul and mark of possession, all carved into his flesh as elborate scar engravings. From his shoulders bones protrude with a few feathers clinging to them as remnants of wings which Sammael tore from him.
Scent: desert spices


  • Innate Power of Privation: deprivation of body, will, of heart, of memories, of strength, you name it
  • Quantum Projectionist
  • Chaosmancer
  • Sycophancy: monster creation and summoning.
  • Master of Reality

  • 1-Optical Illusion: change +1 visual aspect, +1 per ace as called.
    2-Hallucination: cause hallucinations as called
    3-Threshold: enter the dream of another and interact with dream as called.
    4-Dreamsculptor: Overpower the mind to control dreams as called.
    5-Virtual Impression: create a sensory hallucination that can be felt and experienced by all senses.
    6-Conception: Overpower the mind to control a subject's sense of reality.
    7-Conceptual Island: trap someone on an illusory or alter-reality island as called, limited boundaries.
    8-Dreamland: trap someone in a called dream world, unlimited boundaries.
    9-Dominion: trap someone in a called alter-reality world, unlimited boundaries.
    10-Envision: pierce the veil to envision what is and what will become, to see present and future realities.
    11-Endure: empower a reality affect to last for a called duration or until shattered (on a crit) or for up to +1 day per success, and +1 week per ace.
    12-Formulation: create illusory wards, items, artifacts, on-the-fly spells and improve power by using reality powers at these levels.


  • For Gabrian to be joined with his other parts (Cirgoth and Braemen) COMPLETE
  • For Braemen and Cirgoth to be made into separate beings. COMPLETE
  • Give Arilwen the Choker of the Guardian. COMPLETE
    ... Protects against forced seizure.
    ... allows Gabrian to lock onto and seize at any time or place the one wearing it.
    ... Another power bonds the collar to the wearer and visa-versa until removed BY the hand which bestowed the choker to the wearer.
    ... The last power auto-gates the wearer within reach of the hand which provided the choker to the bearer.
    ... Sammael had once made Gabrian wear it during a time when Gabe had been dimished by an enemy and had too many enemies threatening him.
  • Become King of Seumir by causing a civil war and uniting the country as a hero to gain favor with the majority and depose Byron.
  • Marry Arilwen
  • Cirgoth's vision led Gabrian towards being joined with Braemen and Cirgoth, when all three kings came together while all three parts of Gabrian also become one again. Saeed, Sammael, Marsol + Braemen, Gabrian, Cirgoth AND he would become whole... It came to pass... a half antidote drunk of, but though the three kings came together, they did not unite, thus was the 'joining' but a brief glimpse and warning of what would come of an allience of the three kings of the far east. Gabrian desired to become whole again, but Braemen and Cirgoth did not wish to be 'absorbed' back into the horseman. What should come if the three should unite and Gabrian become one again? The horseman would be destroyed and a new angel reborn. Gabrian could put down his mantle of death at last.

    Red Goblin Slave:: Kaamus

    Race: Ymogoir Horned Demon
    Sire: Saashima
    Age: 185 (29 when first captured and sold into slavery, 4 years in a quarry, 2 years with Saashima, 150 years with Gabe)

    This was a creature few ever laid eyes on, a race which was seldom seen outside of their very isolated home land.  Some called his people Sand Devils, when in fact they were not devils at all, but an ancient race of goblins.  Like all of his kind his tough, leathery flesh was bright red, with a yellow belly and yellow and green stripes and spots on his legs, arms, tail, and face.  His large eyes were reptilian, yellow-green, and blotched with darker green, yellow, and blue.  His ears were large and tapered, crowning his head were bovine horns of green.  A wide mouth was full of very sharp, large white teeth.  His feet and hands were clawed.  He was colorful this one, a beacon during the day, but at night, he was very hard to see.  He and his kind were primarily nocturnal, and those large eyes could see perfectly in the dark.  He wore no clothing but a frontal loin cloth, and his weapon's harness, which was loaded.  His flesh was all the armour he needed.  His long reptilian tail was powerful with a fleshy arrow on the end.  It was easy to see why they were called devils, when in fact only red demons bore any resemblance at all to the iconic red devils with the pitch forks.  The Ardoreth Goblin could pass very well for the trademark devil.  What did set this rarely ever seen Goblin apart from his people, was that he was a horned clan demon, sired out of Sashima of the Battle Claw Clan. He was second generation. He had a name, and it was Kaamus.

    Kaamus to Arilwen:
    "Do you know that not all people who go to Hell are evil? Many become evil in hell though. Do you know why? Anger, resentment, shame, and despair. That is the recipe for evil. Spirits trapped between worlds with no form to enter into life again grow so angry and bitter that they become wraiths and poltergeists which haunt the living they so envy. Hell is like that...It separates you from everything but anger, pain and all that is heavy and weighs you down. It consumes the soul with the injustices of life and judgment. I did nothing to deserve Hell. I was sold into it. I was never marked and still I cannot escape it. I had a mate, children, a mother and father, brothers and one sister, aunts and uncles, and I was taken far across the sea from my home by slave traders who captured me when I went to sea, just offshore to fish. I was a prince...Prince of Mehr, but to those who attacked our boat, I and my brothers were no more than strong backs. We were sold at a market in Hassim and chained like animals, sent to work in a quarry in the desert of fire, where they worked my brothers until death, and I until I was skin and bones. Feeding slaves cost more than our purchase, you see. I was sold again, but who wanted a broken down goblin? A lady bought me, a demon, and she sired me a year after, and two years after that? She lost me in a poker game to Gabrian. That was..." he shook his head. "I do not even recall how long ago that was. I have lived in hell since, and I never, not even to this day, offered myself to hell. It does not own me, but I am still its slave. I have seen the heart of it, the true beast in others and in myself. Once in a while I get to see the world above...and remember all that I once was and lost. I envied Wyrvaust his pain, I was gladdened by it, because I knew from whence it came...Not from hell, but from up here, up here! Oh lucky bastard that he is! When this is all over, I shall have to go back below and wander those terrible corridors they call the lost caverns. Do you know what the lost caverns are? They are the places where only spirits and monsters dwell, where those who are lost roam. I am lost see? I can never go home and I am seen as a devil everywhere else. Perhaps one day I shall relent and give my soul to Gabrian or his master. But I keep hoping...he will sell me to someone up above." He imagined himself belonging to someone like Wyrvaust or Arilwen...just for a moment then sighed harshly. He could never be so lucky. 


  • Horns: +35
  • Claws: +8
  • Tail: +5,+Strength
  • Strength: +6
  • Fortitude: +35 tough skin
  • Rapid Healing: 12
  • Keen Vision: +8
  • Nocturnal Vision
  • Keen Hearing: +6
  • Keen Olfactory: +8
  • Keen Taste: +6
  • Keen Sense of Smell: +8
  • Resist Disease: +2% per trait level, up to 80%
  • Resist Heat and Cold: +2% per trait level, up to 80%
  • MR: +2% per trait level, up to 90%
  • Disciplined: +1 HB and AR on any skill, do not take if undisciplined or lazy is taken as a flaw
  • Resourceful: improvise at level of intelligence or knowledge
  • Intelligence: +3
  • Long Life: age 1 human year per every 10 years, average lifespan is 750, max life is 1100 years
  • Innate Survival Skills: desert and wilderness survival at half cost, 5 each free
  • Innate Bestial Combat: +1 HB and AR, level ups at half cost, do not take unless a warrior class
  • Lore Knack: shaman only, use lore levels already learned at level of lore, intelligence or wisdom

  • Weaknesses
  • Mortal: prone to injury, mortal wounds, climate, disease, and old age
  • Misunderstood: many perceive these goblins as evil on sight because of their appearance

    Ymogoir and Mountain Lombra