Satori Inorai

Commander of the Agmenis and Melekar charter of homeland warriors, he has been sent on a mission to recover two individuals; Melchaiah Ereclea of the house of Uraechis, and Delphinae Zjagura of the house of Agmenis.


Ever since Satori can remember, he heard voices in the dark. Later he heard them during the moments when stillness settled over the environment like a fog. For years he believed himself insane, and concealed his secret, until he realized the voices were impressions transmitted by the emotional and mental uprisings of others, even animals. In time he learned to focus this gift, to sense the source of these voices; withal he became the most legendary tracker of his time. A talent which he had once feared would ruin him, assisted in his rise to power and glory.

Satori now hunts escaped slaves, fugitives and enemies of his people. One slave in-particular, name of Delphinae, he once secretly had relations with. He forbade her on a promise of murder not to tell a soul for he did not wish to risk his reputation by it being known that he had visited a slave's bed. He was the only man she had ever known. When she fled from their society, he was ordered to recover her alive at any cost. Why the patron of Agmenis insisted that she be captured alive was a mystery to Satori, who'd have preferred killing her or seeing her executed, but he would obey his orders as given regardless of his own personal incentives. Satori did at length capture Delphinae, who had been posing as a Maelvannor named Kyran Mortarus. But having been betrayed by the house he was to have delivered her to, Satori, on finding her pregnant with HIS child, secreted her away to his secluded keep on the shore of Demon Horn Lake in sight of Uraechis Island. He was allowed this 'retreat' outside Trecouri custom because of his unique gifts and his need to isolate himself at times. From the Island and Lake his stone keep could not be seen beneath the titanic trees surrounding it and shading it beneath the broad sweep of their canopy while he had a perfect view of the lake and island from the rock balcony extending from the back of his keep against the flood line. Indeed when the lake did flood, the water came as far as the balcony's stone base. When Delphinae gave birth to a son, Satori kept her alive until the child was weened then killed her quickly and cleanly, then buried her in the forest. His son of course was sheltered from what Satori saw simply and logically as a necessary act. Because there had been so much violence between the houses of late, many orphans wandered the streets. Satori decided to pass off his own son as one of these orphans by simply sneaking him into the city and abandoning him on the street. He then later adopted his own son. To do this, Trecouri law dictated he had to either have a wife, or a female house slave to rear his son, and the LAST thing Satori wanted in a matriarchal society was a wife, so... he bought as slave he found honest and sweet in her temperament to help him rear his son. Her name was Ishiju. She was also very beautiful and she was Trecouri. Satori would have no other kind of slave. So went the end of Delphinae, aka Kyran.

House Melekar' reasons for wanting the Trecouri deserter Melchaiah recovered was easily understood by Satori; his blood had been polluted by a demon's, and they wanted to conduct experiments on the only known Trecouri of ancient blood to become a demon, and when concluded, attempt to reverse the changes to reclaim him as a pure and divine specimen. Simply put, he was prized breeding stock and they wanted him back, despite the fact that he would have been dead by now had he lived a natural life. Satori was successful in Melchaiah's capture as well, but unfortunately Melekar's possession of him gave the Matron's Consort, Maasoru, all the leverage he needed to attempt a coup de tat against Matron Delai of the House Melekar. While this take over was going on, Satori, who as Melchaiah's captor had owned him by Trecouri law, liberated the creature was no longer Trecouri anymore, as a means of keeping the peace between the houses. Satori had decided that Demons, which his people had proved Melchaiah to be, were not meant to be held captive or be used as political guardians. Maasoru meanwhile succeeded in his takeover to become the first Patron of house Melekar in eons, and with Melchaiah gone, any remaining infighting between the houses ceased, as Satori had planned.

Now, raising his son, who inherited his cursed acumen with the spirts, and who he had named Akuto which meant the Lion, in the seclusion of his lakefront keep, he personally trains his son how to master the sword, firearms, martial arts, his connection with the spirits, and hires the best Trecouri tutors to educate his boy. Satori and his unit meanwhile continue to guard his homeland from threats foreign and domestic and to hunt down renegade fugatives.


Name: Satori Inorai
Military Rank: Commander of Homeland Warriors
House Rank: Regent of Agmenis
Ranking Officer: Admiral Tsumi Tehwara (the officer he answers to)
Genus: Trecouri
Age: 87
Appearance: Tall, lean, white skin; long, straight white hair, pale grey-blue eyes; exceptionally attractive.
Nature and Demeanor: Poised, serious, extreme self-control, dry sense of humor, apathetic to anything which does not concern him; confident but too dry to be arrogant. Kills without regret. Deceptively charming and seductive when he has a mind to be.
Alignment: Lawful

Combat Unit - NPCs

Division Officer: Hetobe (heh-tO-bA) Oshi
Vice Officer: Samura Khadahar (earth)
Comrade: Tetobi Ishamu
Comrade: Maiyasei Abame (f)
Comrade: Khealas Húres (shadow weaver)
Comrade: Adlómë Uesuki
Comrade: Haigura Setsome
Comrade: Maisovor Eceundo
Division II -- Reinforcements:
Comrade: Ecuardiss Kintos
Comrade: Litu Ochaies (f)
Comrade: Chazreh Kuldean (f)
Comrade: Nuno Mekai
Comrade: Serles Lufravas
Comrade: Erchai Baendain
Comrade: Khosa Lorz
Comrade: Losai Kemunduss
Comrade: Nisi Dugre

Unit Armory

Duel Sekura Swords: +160, light weight swords with long, slightly curved blades which delve added telekinetic damage
Dynamic Pistols: +45, aggravated damage, stun -1 AR per ace, shoot electrified bullets which deliver a stunning punch
Disruption Shields: AC: 75, activated and deactivated by pressing a trigger on a badge worn by each warrior; disrupts magic attacks and negates damage by AC.

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