Belorian of Tuatha

Divine Names: Belorian, Bel, The Anduain of the Tuatha De Danann.   Fiolaen Ulg Mor, Divine Guardian of Chaos and its balance.
Legendary Names: Kell o' the Celts.  Eoghan O'Daily the Swan.  Eoghan the Comet.  Eshion the Star Rider.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Earthen: Morashtar of the Middle Kingdom, An Morendor (the Shadowlands)
Otherworld: Annwn, the Crystal Kingdom, Topaz Keep
Pantheon: The Halls of Tuatha.  He will not be seen in his Spiritual forms on the material plane unless he chooses or unless dispatched by An Dagda, Lugh, Rionnanne, Bel or Arianrhod, the Celtic Fathers, Son, Daughter and Mother.
Race: Dark Star Anduain-{Chosen of the 1st Pentacle} ascended into the Fiolaen Ulg Mor, the Tuathan Entity of Chaotic Balance.
Caste: Astral Ranger
Earth Bound Form: Male, 6ft. in height. Thick, long, strawberry blonde hair. Muscular but lean. No body hair. Pale ice blue eyes. Face handsome with strong characteristics. Skin very pale. Ginger feathered transmutable wings. When channeling formidable powers a Black Pentagram with a celtic knot pentagon at its center materializes on his brow with an aura of azure blue eminating from it. The celtic knot in the center symbolizes infinity and the five key points of balance.
Divine Form: Pale, silvery blue aura of his Anduain physical form with the same mark on his brow in azure blue.  He can sustain no physical damage in this form, only metaphysical damage.  Normal weapons are useless against him when he assumes his divine form, which he rarely does on the material plane.
Family: Renalia (1st wife, divorced) Sons Aaron and Prospero. Selena (2nd wife, divorced) Son Maladin, daughter Elsbeth. Son Niall, mother Niaddeoin. Daughter Arilwen (Colette), mother Amara.


Traits -- Strengths and Weaknesses

Traits: His spiritual entity manifests as the Gods of his Pantheon demand of him, he otherwise remains unseen and undetectable, unless descended into his avatar form.  In his Spiritual Form, he is unable to feel any sense of "touch".   He is seldom ever seen unless he appears in his human form.  His deftness and strength is supernatural.  His wings are nearly indestructible and produce a reverse polarity aura of energy that is triggered when any weapon or energy nears them, causing weapons and spells alike to glance away from his wings often back at his attacker.  His movement is quicker than the eye, his vision as sharp as he is quick. He can see clearly in the dark.  His hearing is very acute, as is his sense of perception.  He is very intuitive.  His blood and flesh are divine, and often a temptation to flesh eaters and blood drinkers, his scent and flavor of clover and honeysuckle.  Ambidextrous.  He also has meta-physical blood and carnal attributes which make him very valuable to dominators.

Strengths: Strong constitution, high charisma, wise, intelligent, honorable. Reasonable, excellent mediator.  Regeneration-{Level 30, -1 per 100 HP lost}.  Soul is protected by Tuatha, his ultimate death to deliver his soul to the celestial realm of Tuatha.  His soul CANNOT be captured, it is protected by the powers of Tuatha.  Once his soul passes into Tuatha by death, what he will become and his life thereafter is for his gods to determine.  3 Resurrections ONLY by his Way of Death, he to remain in the hereafter for eternity once final death is embraced. (2 Resurrections Remaining)  His dogged tenacity, honor, charisma, loyalty to his friends, and following, and his physical attributes are his greatest strengths. This self Healer, CANNOT be healed by others.  Does more harm to him than good to receive healing forces from without himself.  His physical deftness and strength is supernatural. 

Weaknesses: Imprisonment can be the death of him if held within walls with no breath of natural light and fresh air. His more potent powers are hard to command if his concentration is broken by pain, and his powers wane if he is critically injured. His sense of Empathy often causes him despair. The  loss of a loved one strikes him hard and can lead him to sever depression. He is prone to emotional collapse when great losses  and inexplicable strife mount on him. He is  prone to addiction.  Self-Healer, he can only heal himself and healing affects have no affect on  him.  He can be resurrected if it is done quickly otherwise he self-resurrects after undergoing  an underworld trial and journey.

WoD {Way of Death}: Imprisonment. If imprisoned for too long in solid walls, he will whither away and in time perish. His will is the determining factor of the duration but he cannot survive longer than 2 years with no light and breath to the outside world.   2 resurrections remaining.  All other deaths are transient and result in a +10% difficulty  in being resurrected up to 90% maximum.  Current  Difficulty is 50%.

Nature and Constitution: Friendly, most typically passive unless threatened.  If threatened his nature alters fiercly.  He is feirce yet focused when attacked.  Is reasonable to those who are reasonable with him.  Is fearless and Courageous.  Sensitive to all that is in his environment.  Is very diplomatic.  Grows indifferent when heed is not paid to reason and common sense.  Becomes deeply depressed if he looses loved ones or suffers great amounts of cruelty.  Intolerant of gross ignorance.  He can be merry, and he can be fierce.  His alignment is Chaotic Good.

Defenses: Can cast shields over himself that not only deflects standard and enchanted weapons, energy and magic, but which, with one particular shield, can reverse all action taken on him back on the caster.  His Prismatic Shield of Invulverability is his main means of defense when he has no desire to kill some ignorant fool who attacks him.  When not defending himself with magic and his command over the forces, his exceptional skill with his swords, shield, physical capabilties and martial maneuvers are hard to get past.  These to name just a few of his many defenses. Impermeable?  Hardly, but he is not an entity for the inexperienced, or ill prepared to take on. "Know what it is thou art dallying with before ye go dancing with a titan in disguise."  His words to a demon Acolyte, who he was kind enough to show the mercy of letting live, after she took him by his kind nature as easy prey.

His Object: His beliefs are strongly rooted within the scales of Chaos and the Balace therein, Chaos the True Creator by his Beliefs.  He aspires to be wise and to accrue as much knowledge by the path of truth as he is able so long as he lives.

Quotes from Belorian
"Forgiveness is a gift. It must mindfully granted and honorably received."

"There is no truer love than comes with the bond of friendship, truth and trust."

"Why attack that which hath no wish to kill thee, when thou shalt only meet thy doom provoking aught which eludes thee altogether?" "Eh?"


Wizard Quest Dice


  • Swords and Bladed Weapons: 85, +12 HB
  • Thrown Weapons: 80, +10 HB
  • Arcane and Elemental: 100, +12 HB
  • Inborn and SA: 80, +12 HB
  • Archer: 85, +12 HB
  • Unique Martial Style: 60, +11 HB
  • Attack Rate: 6, +1 per Ace with Haste
  • HP: 1010
    Regeneration Level:  30
    Fortitude:  5-Human Form, 15-spirit form vs. Magic
  • Sword of Belorian: +40, +100
  • Soothsayer of Doom Sword: +50, HPdamage with MA: +25%-scratch, 50%-cut, 75%-non-vital crit,90%-vital crit
  • Staff: +30, +4 d6 MA, +2 HB targeting
  • AC: 100, Diamthril Armor.  AC: 80, Diamthrill Cloak.
  • Path:  Path of Chaos: All Pentacles and Command Paths at current level.


    Check Dice

    Rate from 1-55

  • Physical:  Strength: 40   Stamina: 60   Stealth: 30   Movement: 26   Dexterity: 19  Fortitude: 15-30-Spirit Form. Regeneration: 30
  • Physical Senses: Vision: 30   Olfactory: 22   Hearing:  27    Taste:  15    Touch:  16    Sixth  Sense: 27
  • Mental:   Charisma: 26   Wisdom: 25   Intuition: 26    Instincts: 27   Intelligence: 20   Willpower: 38   Constitution: 26   Confidence: 24   Courage: 20   Logic: 22   Perception: 36   
  • Ethics:   Empathy: 20  Virtue: 18   Optimism: 18   Honor: 26   Loyalty: 28


    Special Abilities

  • Exacting Aim:  This ability increases accuracy, +1 HB, +9 d6 with +1 additional HB per ace for Exacting Aim Attacks.
  • Hasted Aim and Vision:  He can see others who are hasted and can counter hasted attacks normally.
  • Night-vision:  Can see as well in the dark as in daylight.
  • Improved Strength: +8
  • Angelic Haste: +1 mvm per success. 
  • Form-Shifting: spirit form, human form, called forms. Supernatural Physical Perception:  Can sense the presence of others.
  • Metaphysical Sight: can see auras, energies, and spirits and identify them.
  • Divine Perception: divination, danger senses, alignment sense.
  • Planar: can planes walks to various planes.
  • Quantum Leap: can travel the dimensions and time lines.
  • Dream Course: Can travel outside the body in a corporeal spirit form as he sleeps and manifest in a transiently physical form.
  • Diviner and Spiritual Guide: He does not advertise this but rather chooses those he helps without giving himself away.
  • Divine Healer: Heal wounds, Resurrection, Cure Disease, Remove Curse,
  • Arcane Lore: Identify magic, curses, sickness, etc, Purification.
  • Shred Resistance: Special ability to disjoin an attacker's magic resistance utterly.
  • Elemental Command: Earth, Terreforming, Air, Fire, Water, Ice, Astral, Light.
  • Arch-Master of Chaos: Commands many forces through quantum projection.
  • Telepathic: Can hear the thoughts of others and transfer his own thoughts at will though seldom uses a gift he sees as the ultimate trespass.  This ability only active when he uses this ability.
  • Haste: His movements and eyesight can be faster than the eye. 
  • Guardian Fortress: As a Tuathan Arc Being, he has the power to ward places and protect beings from called catalysts which trigger the defenses he fuses targets with, himself included.
  • Tunnel of Fire: Has special ability to open rifts in even the most powerful wards,  dimensions and objects to escape imprisonment.  That power attained when he faced near doom in Acheron.  That same power holds other attributes of surpassing the bounds of space, the material realm and magic.  A force he took within himself, that power became a part of him, a force taken from the Eternal Flame powering Acheron itself.  Only if he is kept weak is he unable to tap this power.  Use of this power also does him full damage.
  • Command over the High Mystic Weave: A magic that overrides alternate planes and most common wizard marks.
  • Immunities: Immune to all forced time spells.  100% Resistance to forced teleportation, gate or conveyance.  Can escape wards and prisons and spells with special abilities, but these capabilities do his Angelic constitution damage-(1 MA Damage Roll per attempt.)   High level spells cannot be dispelled by anyone not of equal or greater power, and only with correct counters.   True Resolve: Immune to charms, domination, bonding, possession and marks.

    Power of his Arcane mark and seal:  40 d6+40, +400 with roll of 16+ on 1 d20.


    Weapons and Armor

    Sword of Belorian: +40, +100 when Activated. Absorbs Magic cast on him. Sword can arrest souls and even capture gods within 20 yard radius of himself with Command Words 'Arrest' on a critical hit. Sword hits  cause crippling damage to any body part scratched by blade when its powers are active. +100 a hit. Sword Vanishes if seized by another and is bonded to Belorian, thus can be recalled by him at any time.  Strength 480.

    Sword of Nathra Ulg Mor
    The Soothsayer of Doom

  • Damage: +50 if powers are not tapped.
  • 25% dmg if this blade scratches the flesh, the blade's augury powers to detect those aspects which target is most susceptible to and imbue the victim with the element most injureous to them.
  • 50% dmg  if this blade should pierce muscle.
  • 75% dmg  if blade peirces vitals.
  • 90% dmg if this sword peirces the heart, slashes the throat, or impales the brain, for then do the destructive forces of the Universe stream into the blade and then into the target, destroying thier form utterly, to trap their soul in the blade. 
  • Sword Vanishes if touched by another and is bonded to Belorian, thus can be recalled by him at any time.
  • Strength 482.

    Sword of Vashgek
    An artifact sword Belorian picked up while fighting his way out of Hell. All powers are passive and have no affect on sword bearer.

  • Damage: +80 if powers are not tapped.
  • Wounding Strike: aggravated damage +1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
  • Devitalize: -1 stamina and strength per ace.
  • Devour the Weave: absorbs magic attacks and damages magic fields and shields.
  • Sacrifice: feed stamina to the blade to deal damage on a block, +3 d6 riposte damage per stamina spent. Creates a bond with the blade. This sword gradually creates a bond with its bearer which is sped up by feeding it stamina, which it does on blocks. It also absorbs willpower on the sly, bonding the bearer to Vashgek, the hound of Solbaid, a hellish werewolf who serves the horned demon.
  • Arcane Artifact, its bonding powers are difficult to detect. (Marked, Sealed and Shrouded).
  • Sleeper: Sword damages anyone besides its master who touches it then sinks into darkness. If the sword bearer dies, the one who takes up the sword next is its master.
  • Recall: Sword can be recalled by the bearer at any time.
  • Strength and overall power of sword: 423, level 37.

    Elven Recurve: damage +52, elemental, range +10, recall arrows, strength 285.

    Daggers: long dagger, 18, throwing daggers 12, hunting knives 15, utility daggers 10. He often has a stash of various daggers on his person which he amuses himself with juggling and throwing at various targets.  He carries either a Long Bow or Elven Recurve with him when traveling on foot.


  • AC-100.  Coin Mail Dress of Silvery white Diamthril. This rare metal  is very lightweight and deflects enchantments and energies. Only the highest level spells and weapons with very powerful magic stand a chance of getting past this armor (damage higher than AC}.   Even the heavest of weapons will glance of this armor like a rubber bullet off stone.  This coin mail suit, like scale plates, is very flexible, light weight, and resilient.  Dimathril is used to make armor and weapons, and can only be mined on one planet {with ONE exception}  and is forged by a very few Elven Smiths that live there.} 
  • AC-80. Diamthril Cloak: Same resilience as above requiring reflexive defensive moves to block with cloak.  He wears this when traveling light. .
  • His Staff:  Often clutched in his hand is a vine twisted stave of beech, the mage staff light, but unbreakable, a gift from Annwn from days of yore. Crowning the staff is a pale blue crystal, a twilight blue ghost crystal at the glittering crystal's nucleus. This Crystal is fitted  into a natural cavity at the crown of his staff and bound with Gossamer Strands of Enchanted silk.  The crystal is the Erin's Heart crystal. It is with this staff he oft commands the more potent forces of chaos, magic and elements. When bound to earth, if he  is without possession of this staff for longer than a fortnight, he suffers a form of 'haunted dementia' where recall of his forgotten past torments him.  If staff is touched by another without Eoghan's consent, a phasing bolt of high voltage lightning will shock the trespasser and  stun them{25% dmg. each time touched} Staff improves and strengthens his magic abilities (+2 HB targeting, +4 d6, +30-300 (crit) damage, Strength 471) when channeled through the staff.


    XP: 330576235 Spent: 195696250 XP Remaining: 134879985
    Most Recently Spent: , 958000 x 6 + 1587000 + 1719000 + 501000 x 2 = 8626000, + 60000 = 8686000

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