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Generation Information

Page Fonts: Poor Richard, Kristen ITC, and Lucida Calligraphy
Player: NPC, controlled by GM
Name: Caine. Alias: Namriss. Ascended Name: Dominus Saurien
Race: 1st Generation Caanan Devil (or Blood Devil)
Father as Caine: Sammael
Date Sired: 6059 BC
Age of Apperance: 19-20
Mother as Caine: Eve
Maker as Devil: Lucifer
Caste: Regent of the Sprawl, Acheron

Appearance: 6'2". Long, straight, dark brown hair, often bouund tightly at the base of his neck or braided. Deep, azure-blue eyes. Slender and well defined form. Tends to dress in modern gothic or old world styles. As a blood devil he is human in his upright stance and completely black with the same deep blue eyes. His face is somewhat human but also bestial in appearance with pointed ears, a very feline nose, slip pupils, but otherwise human with high cheekbones. A pelt of fine, soft hair covers his body like black mole skin, giving him a velvety appearance, and a mane of thick, long fur crowns his head and extends down his neck and shoulders, which is sometimes partially braided. He has long claws on his hands and feet, much like a lion's, a brush tail like a wolf's and sharp teeth and fangs made for slicing and puncturing. As a devil he can eat food but relies on blood for his stamina.

Nature: Chaotic. His decisions are based on Logic and he strives not to let emotions take charge of his decision process or actions. He is wary of letting anyone in because of many betrayals from supposed loyal friends and lovers.

He is extremely possesive of those he feels are his, and is known to execute those who disregard the lines of possession. In short he doesn't like people touching his things. He is a very private person wherein only one or two people are permitted to remain with him at all times. Who those people are varies with the ages. In addition there are moments when even they are denied so that Caine might seek solitude. In life as Caine he was an alchoholic and drug addict, favoring opium and crystal meth. Since his siring in 1998, he was found little use for either alchohol or drugs, but favors feeding those inbued with either in search of that contact high, otherwise lost to him.

Weaknesses: Prone to psychotic rages and depression. Haunted by his dead mother (Celeste-Level 4 wraith). Unable to form and maintain healthy relationships, often forcing those he cares for away before they can hurt or abandon him. Devestating obsession with Sadistic pleasures. Lacks confidance, short tempered.

Advantages: Master of human behavior and logic. Innate ability to read people, and able to sense motives, find strengths and weaknesses. By vitue of his rebirth he alone owns the capability to redirect loyalty via the blood bond and a Thamaturgial ritual he created himself. Extreme strengths in Thamaturgy (Blood Magick), Auspex, and Dominate due to his original siring in 1998. Extreme strengths in Necromany and Potence owed to his diablerie of Sebastian Giovanni. Rarely are these strengths called upon in Acheron, as they were created and designed for use on mortal and Cainanite vampires which are hardly in abundance there.


Haven :: Black Gates Cathedral

Location: Hell's Metropolis (The Sprawl), bordering the ghetto and gangland districts.

Wards and Security: Level-40, LoD 440. Gate Interception Seal-A large seal in the cathedral's floor intercepts any gateways and wormholes, and redirects them to the main hall of the Cathedral. Immuring Force-The walls, floors and ceiling are infused with an arcane force which prevents anyone leaving the Cathedral by physical or magic means, until Caine or one of his people selects them to leave. Repelling Force-A power that also infuses the Cathedral which prevents anyone from entering the grounds or cathedral by repelling them in a subtle manner. Would be visitors simply lose the desire to enter unless selected to access the Cathedral and its grounds. Command Wards-Allows Caine to disarm select individuals of power, or to gate them out of the Cathedral to called destinations.

Cathedral Description
Enormous Gothic Cathedral made of black stone marbled with moss green. There are immense black gates and a tall wraught iron fence surrounding the Cathedral grounds. There are many rose bushes and two large, ancient tree on the grounds.
Immense pillars carved with bat-gargoyles support a steep roof around the perimeters of the building. Both the front entry's large, arched doorway, and the rear entry's smaller arched doorway are between these pillars.
The bell tower is five stories high, with a spiral staircase, and has four, brass bells. These bells are used as warning, summoning, and signal bells during times of difficulty.
The ceilings are 20 feet high on the first, second, and third stories, and each story has a large hall and chambers off of vaulted corridors which form a pentagram. The actual compound and barracks for the Clan and Employees are beneath the cathedral, which is accessed by a hidden gate.
The compound has seven underground levels with ten foot high ceilings. The first level is where new wards (usually poweful or unusual sorts retained for observation), are taken and sheltered until Caine can decide where to place them or what to do with them.
There is a secret tunnel which leads from the 6th level of the compound to Black Lake, where the tunnel exits via a hidden door through a hillside above the lake in an old grave yard.
The seventh floor is where prisoners are held, and is split between cells and the aisles which cut between them. This floor is heavily warded.


Black Gates Residents

Resident Employees and Servants:

    Barlo Igusta: Level: {Arcane-16, Inborn-14, Combat-16} Age: {unknown} Race: {Shadow Demon} Position: {Bell Ringer and Wine Steward, Ward of the Cathedral and he is content staying there. Loyalty-28.}
    Nisivion [Nichi]: Level: {Arcane-28, Inborn-32, Martial-26, Forgery-40} Age: {532} Race: {Deluvian-Son of Arioch} Position: {Apprentice and Personal Assistant. Loyalty-22}
    Alatus Nostriva: Level: {Telekinesis-36, Wings, Celerity-35, Telepathy-30, Mental Powers-34, Bestial Combat-37} Age: {970} Race: {Vampire-Wings, claws, fangs, and ears} Position: {Messenger. Loyalty 26.}
    Falx: Level: {Combat-40, Arcane-34, Inborn Powers-37} Age: {890} Race: {Son of Arioch} Position-{First Knight of the Cathedral. Clan Visor. Serves directly under the Prime Minister and carries out his commands as well as relaying orders. Loyalty-21}
    Morbran Kosel: Level: {20-SA, 27-Combat-Sword and Firearms} Age: {108} Race: {Bestial Abomination} Position: {Chef and Guard, Loyalty-25}
    Arioch: Level: {40-MA/SA, Unique Style Martial-38, Grand Master Sword-40. } Age: {enigma/34} Race: {Deluvian} Position: {steward}

Resident Clan Members

    Lawaan: Level: {26-SA, 25-PA, 27-Combat-Sword and Firearms} Age: {51} Race: {True Born Caananl} Position: {enforcer and guardian knight}
    Brian: Level: {12-SA, 8-MA, 10-Firearms} Age: {34/79} Race: {Caanan Clan Member} Position: {genetics, physicist , and computer sciences}
    Demetri: Level: {16-SA, 14-MA, 25-Combat-Sword and Firearms} Age: {21/96} Race: {Caanan Clan Member} Position: {enforcer}
    Dominic: Level: {17-SA, 28-Firearms} Age: {32/112} Race: {Caanan Clan Member} Position: {security and computer sciences}
    Hetah: Level: {24-SA, 22-MA, 25-Combat-Sword and Firearms} Age: {26/240} Race: {Caanan Clan Member} Position: {enforcer, scout and assassin}

The Sprawl

The Sprawl

    There are four districts in the Sprawl; The Gangland, Ghetto, Nobles, and Syndicate or Mob districts.

    The Sprawl, or Hell's Metropolis is a huge, high rise, high tech, post-modern, but dark, walled in city. The sprawl's perimeter walls are thirty feet high and ten feet deep. The city sits on a plane-like island over the abyss, supported by a massive pillar with only the abyss below the city. The pillar is attached to a stone arch which bridges the abyss. The land mass inside of the sprawl's perimeter wall is 50 miles across give or take in diameter. There is a large lake at the center of the Sprawl called Black Mirror Lake, named after exactly what it looks like. Some areas of the lake are clean enough to swim in but not all. The lake water is filtered and supplies the city with water. The source which replenishes it is unknown. There is no natural light source in the sprawl, only street and fire lights. Special street lamps and lights keep plants, including trees, few though they are, alive. The lights of the city are the only star lights in the sprawl.

    The Underground: The Metropolis also has an underbelly called simply The Underground. It is not counted as a district because its labyrinthian network of lost subway tunnels, conduits, sewers, and waterworks corridors (many ancient and forgotten) makes a circuit of the entire sprawl. Those who wish to be forgotten by those above often seek an escape (or sanctuary) down below never to return. Most above believe those who vanished were killed by bottom feeders, but the truth is far different. There is an entire community in the Underground who does their best to remain invisible and to be forgotten, stealing power and what others throw away from above to survive. Theirs is a secret society they wish to remain secret and their laws are their own and protect what life, salvage, and territory they have.
    Underground Leader: Abrius, hybrid werelion devil born in the sprawl.

    The Ghetto District: this district is on the southside and is as filthy as anyone can imagine a city being. Plague and pestilence are the rule here and disease has become an art in this area. Necromancers in the ghettos are to be bewared because they all serve the same Ghetto Lord, Solbaid, a Horned Demon Lich who specializes in disease, curses and recreating those who get too close. He is served by a demon of pestulence he summoned in spirit and created out of disease and he can summon many kinds of undead and foul monsters. Solbaid has no heart and can only be appealed to through logic. He was banished to the sprawl for crossing Lucifer. This is where the scavengers and those most beaten down wind up. Most of the sprawl's angels are found here, living in abandoned high rises. They can be seen flying from one high catwalk to another. The Ghetto is controlled by:
    Solbaid: Horned Demon
    Plaeses: a demon of pestulence
    The Gangland: this district is on the westside where the streets are crowded with towering duplex apartments and stores which sell more drugs and booze than goods. The neighborhoods on the northside are more or less in decent condition, while the rest are run down but not dilapidated. This is the sprawl's most heavily populated area and where many opportunists can be found. This district is controlled by five main gangs;
    Blood Rakes: vampires
    Razor Claws: demons
    Dark Wings: fallen angels
    Mad Hatters: the mortals
    Tomb Guards: the clan devils

    Syndicate District: the Syndicate District is on the eastside and includes an area called Lake Town, which is a town built on the lake just east of its center. The Syndicate District has a shore crowded with docks and marinas, and the bosses here control the eastern half of the lake. What separates the syndicate bosses from the house rulers of the Nobles is a more brutal and openly violent method of taking or keeping control. While the nobles often keep murder, punishment and betrayal in the shadows, the mobs tend to be more blunt and bold about their exploits. The Syndicates control the gangs who put the squeeze on businesses and borrowers. This district is dominated by demons, vampires and mortals who form unions which control three syndicates. Each Syndicate has a boss called a Rook. On the streets a syndicate is called a rookery or nest.
    9th Street Syndicate: least powerful
    Park Street Syndicate: 2nd most powerful
    Lake Town Syndicate: the most powerful, presently ruled by a mortal named Kestrau (Case) Desormo.

    Nobles District: this district is on the northside. The fact that this district is controlled and inhabited by the sprawl's most corrupt, albeit wealthiest, decadent and sophisticated residents is evident in the mansions, fortresses, compounds, manors, gardens, fountains, casinos and high end businesses which the streets here accomodate. This is where the elite gravitate and gamble their wits against one another in a constant bid for control over the only lavish area of the sprawl. There are six major ruling houses in the Nobles District which are always struggling for control:
    House of Specters: the ruling wraiths and phantoms of the sprawl.
    House of Imps: the ruling devils and fallen angels
    House of the Unchained: ruling unchained grand zombies
    House of Vampires: the ruling vampires
    House of the Demons: the ruling demons
    House of Mortals: the ruling mortals, including quasi-immortals

    How People Come to the Sprawl: Very few volunteer to go to the sprawl, but some do. Most are sent to the sprawl as punishment, as a hellish purgatory they cannot escape, or because there is some lesson to be learned there. Others are born there. Those who are born in the sprawl are called Metrons or Sprawlers. These children of the Sprawl are not born evil and some never become evil, therefore there is a population of 'good' people in the sprawl among those who were condemned to the Hell of the Met. Few of these good survive unless they are very strong willed and have their wits about them.
    Death in the Sprawl: Death keeps close company to Metro dwellers and is not an end in the sprawl but a punishment. If someone dies in the sprawl they suffer a loss of power and risk losing everything and having to start all over again from square one. One returns days or even weeks after death, the scars of their wounds remaining, even on immortals. Their stamina suffers a massive loss making command of arcane and special abilities difficult. Dying may not be finite in the sprawl but it hurts. There are some in the sprawl who have died so many times that they have gone stark raving mad.

Cainan Progeny :: The Ancients

Malik (Ghazi Clan)
Khuros (Euphrates Clan)
Hiram (Aegean Clan)
Aharon (Demonesi Clan)
Aphia (f - Dead Sea Clan)
Damaris (f - Damaris Clan)
Falco (Black Lion Clan)

Cainan Progeny :: New World

Hetah (Nighthawk Clan)
Lawaan (Tai Land Clan)
Dominic (Traveler Clan)
Demetri (Rom Clan)
Brian (Time Walker Clan)


Ancient History

Caine was born out of Eve and Sammael (his natural father) as a half devil who ascended to a full devil over time.  When Yajmha banished him into the land of Caanan, Lucifer sired him into rebirth as a blood devil vampire when the desert consumed Caine and he lie on the verge of death.  Such was Caine's will to live that Lucifer did not wish to see him doomed to suffer Hell in his first life time, but for Caine's sins he was obliged to curse him in order to give him eternal life, so it was the disadvatages of Caine's line were laid upon him.  Those curses also insured that Caine would seek allies to aid in protecting he and his progeny.  Thus Caine became a Caanan Devil and vampire, because of those first he sired in Caanan, which Malik is the only known survivor of.  They later became known as Cainan as the words Caanan and Caine were mixed together, so either is correct.  Lucifer appeared to Caine as a youth in the early days and taught him all there was about his blood and living among humans as a hidden society, and the importance of never revealing their divineness and blood habits to humans.  Now each line Caine sired was named either after the 2nd generation vampire, or the area from which they were born, such as the Ghazi Clan, named after Malik Ghazi, whose name translates to conquering king or angel, and Malik was sired out of a terrestial angel or Meledon (an angel fallen to earth to become quasi-mortal) by the way, so his line has some angelic traits.   

Some say Caine also sired a Roman senator named Aurelius Falco Caerellius, who was a 2nd Generation vampire devil sired in the year 200 BC by a first born vampire whose identity was unknown. All that is known for certain is that Falco's sire called himself 'The Dark Father'.  Thus many believe the dark father is Caine who created a 'secret' clan. Fact is, the devil only knows who really sired Falco. It was Falco who sired Arcadius (Lucifer reborn).  Falco Sired Arcadius as a 3rd gen. in the year 170 BC, and Arcadius Sired Artorius Xavier (Casey reborn) as a 4th gen. in the year 30 BC.  Artorius Sired three sons and one daughter between the years 900 and 1487, all of whom, but the last, Lavoy Garceaux, who was the Marque of Wenne and the regent of Chateau Caerellius, were killed in the wars of the Blood Clans, and in the wars of the Lycanthrope and Blood Clans. Now whether Falco or the other five 1st Caanan are alive is a mystery as yet.    

Now came a time when Caine found his way to the Lower Kingdom, and it was when this happened that he disappeared from the earth.  His rise to power and disappointment in the majority of his progeny, who he believed became decadent, careless and foolish, carried him into the dead realms out of which he was reborn (Lucifer did not want Caine marked by Hell so guided his recreation through the dead realms) and ruled there over the specters and zombies and other dead and undead things until he tired of it.  He discovered things about this time which steeled his resolve and decided to challenge Lucifer for Hell.   

He did this because long ago Lucifer had confided things to Caine he had told no one else, namely one of his ways of death.  If certain figures he had created were killed, Lucifer would die with them, and be weakened by the deaths of each one.   

Lucifer had strayed from Hell and from Caine for many ages, and when Caine later discovered that Lucifer had been residing all this time on earth under the alter id of Killian Kilcanoragh, never visiting him in all those years, and that Killian had been killed by someone named Eoghan, and reborn under the name of Maelmorda, Caine started planning a way to teach Lucifer a lesson in 'trust', and the mistake of telling anyone your weaknesses.  So Caine brought an army to Hell's gate and broke past the guardians there, and entered into Hell with his army to kill many, and hence to kill those closest to Lucifer's blood, and thereby diminishing Lucifer he possessed him, (Lucifer is now immune to possession thanks to Caine) and took his throne to rule Hell. Now at that moment when Lucifer was completely at his mercy, when Caine could have destroyed him, he did not.  Lucifer made a final plea in his fashion and Caine released him.  Lucifer has respected him as few others ever since.  Caine also learned some important things about Lucifer by taking his throne, he was a die hard fatalist.  Lucifer vowed that certain figures were meant to know his weaknesses, that it was Caine's fate to taste what it was to rule Hell.  He also learned that Lucifer had every damn right to escape Hell now and again, for ruling Hell WAS Hell, and only a few truly had the wisdom and power to control Acheron. Caine had almost lost Acheron twice in the few years he ruled there, for simple lack of being unable to know what was going on around him.  Lucifer knew all which was happening in his realm, if he wished to, and on Morashtar.  He was all knowing enough.  You had to be bound to all the hellions to control them, which Lucifer was.  He had no choice but to spread himself thin.

The bad blood between Caine and his blood father Sammael came about for various reasons. One was because Sammael pretty much seduced Eve and left her to claim Adam as the father of Caine, and did not raise a finger to help Caine when he was banished into the desert of Caanan. It was Lucifer (as Killian) who plucked him from death to make him a vampiric devil rather than let him perish and Lucifer was there for him to teach him how to command his paths and conduct himself wisely as an immortal, the wisdom of remaining elusive, and of being responsible for the lines you sired. Sammael's side of it was that he wanted to let Caine live his mortal life and make the transition into his true being as a devil when mortal death came. Sammael planned to meet his son in hell. Sammael is or was all about power, Lucifer is all about learning wisdom before becoming powerful. Those in Hell who serve Sammael believe Lucifer jipped Caine by cursing him as a blood devil when he could have come into Sammael's blood in time and been a much stronger devil. But Lucifer wanted him to learn wisdom before he became too powerful.

The one time Caine ascended to beat his blood curses, he brought a powerful army he had created over a span of two hundred years to kill a legion of Hell's key figures, weakening Lucifer, who was already weakened by a great nemesis called The Abysmal Darkness. Caine possessed Lucifer after weakening him and proved to him he could take his throne. Caine found out he hated ruling Hell and returned the throne to Lucifer, who it turned out had actually allowed Caine to possess him, teaching the teacher a lesson you might say, which Caine realized in the end. That whole ordeal actually made the two much closer, made them respect each other.


Recent History

In the early years...Caine kept a distant watch on the doings of Arcadius and Artorius...and decided to bide his time and see how it panned out. Caine was reborn as a human, and sired by a second generation Arcadian vampire, which was of HIS blood when he was Caine. So by the time he recalled his past life, his present life was already imbedded in him, so he was not as obsessive about things as he normally would be

Seth tried to kill Namriss because he saw Namriss as a threat to Art and their clan. At a meeting of the Nation of Vampires, Namriss tried to dominate Seth, just testing him really, to see what Art's progeny was made of, and Seth sensed it (got a damn good roll) and took it as an attack on himself. At that meeting, Namris was trying to convince Artorius and the other vampires there, that making peace with humans was futile, that their fears would never allow it, and that dominating the human race, and taking control of their governments, was the only way to insure peace between the races in the long run. That vampires had to rule. Art believed otherwise, that people, vampires, werewolves could all coexist together peacefully if the curtain of fear was brought down. Namriss told Art that he was naive, that his cause was noble, but would fail, and he was perfectly right.

Namriss did not like Seth from the beginning, wondered what ever came over Art to sire him, thought of him as a fucking idiot. An idiot who was smart enough to kill Namriss, though his methods were less than honorable. He hit him with a regulator unit, to render Namriss powerless, and then beheaded him, and burned his remains with dervish flame. He attempted to take Caine's soul, but failed, because by the time he killed Namriss, and tried to capture his soul, Namriss' soul had already left the body and plunged into Hell, where his sire, resurrected him. Namriss had called on his earthly vampire sire Memnon, who had ascended to a demon and resided then in Hell, to take his soul from him before Seth killed him.

Art had given Seth strict orders NOT to harm Namriss, but Seth went above him, to Arcadius, to ask his advice, on how to kill Namriss. Arcadius advised him on how to, telling him it was his decision whether he attempted it, saying he would neither support it, or forbid it. Seth neglected to mention that Art had forbidden it. Arcadius had no idea that Namriss was Caine, and Seth had told him that Namriss was underminding all of Art's efforts towards his cause. That was true, so Arcadius assumed Namriss was a potential enemy to Artorius. Seth had also overheard some fanatics talking about killing Artorius, so that Namriss could influence the Nation of Vampires. Art had a LOT of influence at that time, while Namriss had a lot of supporters as well. This talk between Seth and Arcadius was going on a few days after Art vanished, captured by FoG (Federation of Governments) only weeks after escaping them. They used Art's progeny Geni as bait to recapture him and succeeded. He was in their hands for quite some time, and they damaged him severely with overexposure to high level particle regulation lights. They actually altered his molecular structure with the overexposure, which weakened him. He had to feed very often to keep up his strength, and applications of power burned off his blood quickly.

Caine met up with Mathea while she was searching for Artorius, when he went missing...He gained her trust enough that she confided what was troubling her, that she was looking for her sire, and who he was, and he promised to help her free him from FoG. Namriss had no way of doing so in fact, but used the promise to lure her confidence, and convinced her to come home with him, and claimed her as his own then. He bond slaved her, changed her appearance to a red head, taller, more masculine, the opposite of what art loved in her appearance. He used blood magic to craft her new form to his specifications. Between the bond and Caine's charms, she fell in love with him. They slept together frequently. He had male lovers too, two of his progeny were his lovers, Hetah, and Demetri, who treated Mathea like a beloved little sister.

After Arthur was freed from FoG, with the help of Astle Pelletier, Who Caine later sired, Art ran into Mathea in a park, and she did not recall him, and he refreshened her memory. They reunited that night and even more so in the days which followed.

Casey got his brains blown out by a FoG member not a week later after reuniting with Mathea. FoG hunted vampires, and Art was high on their list, with every other Elder they knew about, and FoG had stormed a vampire club in london that Art, Mathea, and some others were at. Caine's progeny Hetah was at the club during the attack, and helped fight the 30 men who stormed the club, and so Hetah and Mathea took Art to Caine, who healed him. Hetah and Demetri went out and convinced an angel to feed a vampire in need for them, one by the name of Thane, and the other Marcania, a day later. It took days to restore Art, and a LOT of blood. By the time Namriss met up with Art this second time, he was beginning to obsess again. Close contact did the trick.

Now, Art never made the connection between his past life with Caine and Namriss until that bullet to the head....Caine told him who he was, and what his place with him had been.

Mathea was with Art again, went back to him after that park meeting, AND remained with Namriss as well, staying between them. Namriss had her keep an eye on Art for him. She was with Art, when he got his brains blown out, and when Namriss healed him. Mathea was present when Caine told art everything. Mathea was very loyal to Caine, although she loved both Art and Namriss. Her loyalty was bound to them both, and no one else but THEY mattered to her at all. In fact, she resented, perhaps even hated Seth (and still does) for what he had done to Namriss, but was as civil as she could tolerate being to him for Art's sake, and because Namriss demanded it of her for his own reasons. Hetah would take care of him by and by, without a soul knowing who was responsible. Caine hardly wanted a clan war with Arcadius, with Art caught in the middle. Arcadius was visited by Mernaph at about this time, and was informed who he was...He had been having strange dreams for weeks before this, had been having dreams of a life he lived elsewhere with his wife Galaxy, all his life. Arcadius rejected being the devil, and denied it for weeks before it all began coming back to him.

Then, over the next few months, Art started remembering, and when he finally recalled everything, he showed Arcadius who he truly was, and denied him sex from then on. He was pissed off that Lucifer had forced him into this new life..taken him from Caine, and created a doomed time line. Art threw himself into Caine's path wholeheartedly. He drank, breathed, and slept Caine when he started remembering him, only...Caine rejected him, which was a devestating blow to Artorius. Malik, a powerful Caanan of angelic blood, took advantage of Art's state at that time, and dominated him, and fucked him on the sly for awhile, then the clan found out, and so did Caine, and Caine stripped Malik's domination over him. Caine called a hunt on Malik and his clan, though Malik had NO idea Art was Caine's. Malik was a Caanan, and had a deep love for his father, who he met in those first years when Caine was banished to the land of nod. Malik's name had been Enoch then, and he was one of the first sired by Caine. Many of Malik's clan members were killed, but he and those who remained escaped by being plunged to Morashtar by Lucifer, who had begun shifting select people and clans to Morashtar at this time. He knew the end was coming. Now, at this time, when Art was suffering Caine's rejection, the everpresent threat of war, and other problems, the Nation of Vampires elected Art as the prince of London. He tried to refuse. They would not hear of it. He strove to uphold his duties, but the war between the races was rollercoasting out of control, his personal life was in chaos, and his attachments to Caine had taken over. During this period, while he resided at the Vampiric State House, it was becoming clear to his clan, that he was spiraling away from them, and that Caine had control of him, despite Namriss keeping intimately aloof of Artorius. Namriss finally gave in to his obsession, and told Artorius he was ready to reclaim him. Art sired his thrall Kael, and asked Lavoy to sire his 540 year old thrall Faust. He did this because he knew he was leaving soon. He took steps to insure Kael and Faust did not perish of blood privation.

Caine asked Casey to come back with him to New York, and Casey of course agreed, and he took him with Hetah, and Demetri back to New York, leaving Mathea with her clan. A part of him felt Mathea had too much of Casey's heart, although Casey swore that now that Art was dead, that was all done with. It was not long after Caine took Casey back to their time, that the wars escalated. It was also then the chosen were shifted to Morashtar as a deep sleep overcame them. In the next few months, an Alamscan made an attempt on Casey's life, and he slew the soulless angel, then a week later, Caine knocked him up with the twins he ripped from himself, a month later, just when he was beginning to show. Casey did not register that they were Caine's children, but believed they were some kind of demons possessing him, placed there by Morneaux perhaps. He was just completely freaked out by it, and witheld his fears and notions from Caine, not wanting to burden him in fact. The rest Caine knows. How he ripped Casey apart and then burned what remained, at what time Casey's soul was plunged into Hell's Pit, where he was reborn as the Angel of Despair.

Caine attempted to reclaim Casey as he was then, as Abraxas the Angel of Despair, but one painful event led to another which ended in tragedy as Abraxas was pushed beyond all ability to cope or to forgive and attempted to kill Caine. Lucifer, who had walked in just as Abraxas was about to slay Caine, smote him and sent him plunging into the eternal flame once again, for his soul and fate to be judged. He was reborn again as a mortal who Caine might have met to further tragic ends had not a fiend named Mekkor captured Caine enrout to the very village the reborn Abraxas called home. Mekkor, Caine's mortal enemy, saw to it that Caine would never lay claim to Abraxas again. He showed Caine that Abraxas was better off without him. Indeed, now the angel's soul was finally free of him, and a new life had begun for him as an old friend brought Artorius back again from the past, from a time before he had met Caine again...an Artorius whose heart and soul no longer felt the emptiness of Caine's absence. Abraxas no longer wanted to remember Caine, and so Artorius refused to remember him.


Chaos Aspected Paths

Note: Exceptional strengths in the flame, shadow weaving, and metaphysical aspects

Shadow Weaver Aspects

1-[1-3] Shadowy Oneness: target blends into any shadows present to appear as shadows.
2-[4-6] Bend Shadows: make shadows spread, bend, or fall where called within radius or range of stamina level used = feet per success.
3-[7-9] Shadow Strider: sink into the shadow plane to close distances or to walk on the edge of the shadow veil within visual range of the upper planes.
4-[10-12] Shadow Phase: phase target through the shadow plane and displace them to alter position or phase past attacks.
5-[13-15] Shadow Illusions: conjure shadowy phantasms to trick, distract, and confound the mind.
6-[16-18] Embodiment of Shadows: take a called shadow form that can command shadow aspects at current level, but which cannot contact material things, all that is worn or carried becoming part of this form.
7-[19-21] Gateway to the Shadow World: invoke a gate which accesses the shadow plane which others can enter as well. Use to cross great distances by passing through the shadow plane as well.
8-[22-24] Imbue with Shadows: target melts into shadows to become shadows. Lasts until dispelled.
9-[25-27] Shades: weave or summon creatures from the shadow plane that will protect or support the shadow weaver. Creatures command shadow powers. Levels are +1 per success. Roll for each skill or for level as a shadow weaver.
10-[28-30] Quick Shadows: haste shadow form or next power used by +1 mvm per success.
11-[31-35] Shrine of Shadows: weave a shrine of shadows that is warded with shadow aspects as called. Only those selected to enter the shrine can see it or enter it.
12-[36-40] Shadow Weaver: weave quasi-real shadow world aspects within the shadow realm including alternate forms, shelters, gardens, forests, fortresses, creatures etc. as called in a radius of up to stamina level used=feet per success. Aspects can be raised into the upper plane to manifest as quasi-corporeal things with a shadowy appearance. Strength, Fortitude, or power of aspects is +1 per success each.


Metaphysical Aspects

1-[1-3] Identify: identify one called target.
2-[4-6] Acumen: gain knowledge of one target, up to +1 detail per success.
3-[7-9] Telekinesis: control telekinetic aspects in an area of up to power rolled=cubic feet per success.
4-[10-12] Perception: detect one target within radius of up to stamina level used=feet per success, know if a target is lying and what their general mood or intentions are.
5-[13-15] Persuasion: persuade a target to carry out an objective.
6-[16-18] Mental Channeling: telepathy, mind reading, mental control.
7-[19-21] Soothsay: foretell the future by reading someone, the environment, and the time stream.
8-[22-24] Mind Weaver: alter, erase, implant or restore up to +1 mental or memory aspects per success as called, crit required to affect all memories at once.
9-[25-27] Corporal Weaver: reshape, project (up to +1, +1 target per ace) manipulate, heal, resurrect, alter, improve or corrupt physical aspects, and recreate the body as called.
10-[28-30] Universal Insight: gain one called piece of knowledge from the universal weave.
11-[31-35] Eye of Nature: identify and know about anything in nature seen, including plants, animals, rocks, stars, etc.
12-[36-40] Oracle: metaphysicist can invoke visions of the past, present, or future by tapping the time stream but it wise enough to know that future events are never stable or certain so is careful in divulging future events.


Quantum Weaver Aspects

Power and Logic vs. Logic and Intelligence.
1 {1-3}: Transmute Object – alter the matter of an object to change its shape and or properties in area of up to +1 cubic feet per success.
2 {4-6}: Plant Weaver – Change the shape and or appearance of a plant or weave a plant through imagery within an area of up to +1 cubic feet per success.
3 {7-9}: Assimilate Matter – Alter the condition or shape of one called target in an area of up to +1 cubic feet per success.
4 {10-12}: Flesh Weaver – Alter the appearance of flesh and body of one called target and create alter-identities.
5 {13-15}: Quantum Weaver – Tap aspects of the universal weave to channel and control a called aspect of energy or matter.
6 {16-18}: Transmute Existence – Modify what is already present into an alternate reality through reconstructive mental imagery within a scope of up to +1 cubic yards per success.
7 {19-21}: Reality Weaver – Create something out of the universal fabric by bringing the reality of what is conceived out of the universal weave in an area of up to +1 cubic feet per success.
8 {22-24}: Quantum Form – Become pure thought energy temporarily to phase past material objects and forms and to pass through elemental and material planes.
9 {25-27}: Transfer Matter - Transport matter, energy, forces, objects, or clearly visualized target from one place to another.
10 {28-30}: Transcend Matter – Alter matter to recreate a called target, self included, as called, or see beyond matter as if through a window to behold what is beyond.
11 {31-34}: Plane Weaver – Create an alternate reality plane as called through mental imagery with an area of up to +1 cubic miles per success. A fixed gateway of access can be woven into this alternate plane of reality as well.
12 {36-40}: Arch Quantum Weaver – Create any quantum effect, condition, power, creature, reality, alternate-reality, object, quantum magic item or artifact as called.

Note: if opposing logic or intelligence defeats quantum power, quantum reality fails, as others see and experience what they know to be their own reality. if a reality is altered prior to being witnessed by another, those entering area where reality and matter has been altered must believe the quantum formulation for it to become real. Once believed by all witnesses, a quantum reality becomes a genuine reality.

Bonuses: +1 point for subtlety, +1 point for each aspect that grounds matter adaptations in probable reality, +1 point for appeal.

Penalties: -2 points for each aspect of improbability, -5 points for each aspect that is incomprehensible.


Pentacles Aspects

Requirements: These powers cost twice the stamina and require an intelligence check vs. level of power used for each roll. This power also requires a solid imagination on the player's part and must be used with integrity. A low level of power can only affect small changes; keep this rule in mind. This power cannot be learned by mortals, if so, the mortal shall become a spirit or immortal creature of chaos through manipulating these forces.

1-[1-3] Chaos Tap: tap and channel chaos aspects to cause disruption, alter, or perpetuate an action, power, energy, or condition as called.
2-[4-6] Genesis Tap: tap and channel genesis aspects to redirect, restructure, control, or initiate the genesis or birth of a called target, or the development of a target.
3-[7-9] Life Tap: tap and channel life aspects to enhance, delay, emulate, or alter physical or mental aspects (checks) as called.
4-[10-12] Fortune Tap: tap and channel fortune aspects to alter or control the results of a called outcome for better or worse, to achieve balance, and perfection.
5-[13-15] Adversity Tap: tap and channel aspects of adversity to affect a target with forces that corrupt, reduce physical strengths (checks) or otherwise cause adverse consequences as called.
6-[16-18] Death Tap: tap and channel the aspects of death to weave spells of death, corruption, terror, decay, etc. as called.
7-[19-21] Tap Axis: to loop, stream, layer, perpetuate, stabilize, make pentacles powers permanent, and to boost levels.
8-[22-24] Weaver of Chaos: combine called powers to weave intricate spells.
9-[25-27] time Streamer: harness the time stream and redirect it to reverse time, advance time, delay time, hasten time, age, hasten and convey target through time manipulating the time stream. max time that can be harnessed is roll=years that time can be affected.
10-[28-30] Mind Weaver: influence thoughts, dreams, memories, cause confusion, enhance mental aspects, corrupt mental aspects, etc. as called, up to +1 mental aspect affected per success.
11-[31-35] Guardian of the Crossroads: command the fate of another by seizing them in a gate and sending them to encounter a called circumstance, an objective may also be called which alone can return them to their home plane or world. Weave also powerful fixed gates with set destinations, words of power, and contingencies that are triggered when gate is accessed by those not select to enter, also change the fates of select targets by sending them through seizure gates to called destinations.
12-[36-40] Arch Chaotician: Harness Command Paths to weave powers that manipulate the weave and quantum fabric through these commands.

Command Paths: Creation, Renewal, Destruction, Influence, Knowledge, Neutrality, Impression, Reflection, Projection, Dormancy, Absence, Transition, Tears (rifts), Movement, Inexorability-Finality, Mystery (The Unknown) Unpredictability, Perpetual Anomalies, Temporal Echoes, Cyclonic Balance, and Continuums.


Elemental Paths


Stamina 1 (1-3)
Spark Fire - Light fires, candles, etc.
Burning Hand - Hand burns target with touch.
Dancing Flame - Flame leaps up on any called surface to burn brightly.
Detect Fire - Detect any source of fire within a 100 yard radius per success.

Stamina 2 (4-6)
Protect from Flames - Called target is protected from fire for up to 1 turn per success.
Shield of Fire - Forms around select target and burns anyone who contacts it, +10 damage.
Hot Embers - Searing embers cover the ground or floor beneath targets feet, up to 1 yard per success. Remain at full heat until elementalist casts again or stamina gets low.

Stamina 3 (7-9)
Throw Flame - A stream of fire that elementalist controls direction of.
Flame Transfer - Move fire already present to another location as called.
Heat of the Flame - Affects targets with heat of flame and not the flames themselves. 50% chance of affecting those with heat and fire resistance.
Flame Burst - Called target bursts into flames.

Stamina 4 (10-12)
Halo of Fire - A slow burning halo of fire which surrounds target.
Extinguish Flames - snuffs fires.
Flame Trap - A called item is enchanted to explode in flames when touched while object remains unharmed.
Flaming Weapon - A weapon is enchanted with fire to do added damage. Spells lasts until dispelled by caster or until engagement ends. Level up to 1 per Level+Aggravated damage.

Stamina 5 (13-15)
Torch - Make a fire brand out of anything.
Doorway of Flames - if a door enchanted with this is touched, person not selected to enter is severely burned. +10 dmg, per success.
Flame Minion - A loyal and obedient flame minion is invoked from the elemental plane of fire. They are 6 foot in height and resemble an angel with feathered wings and horns in an ethereal flame form. They can fly and are swift and dexterous in motion, Checks 5 d6, +1 HB per five levels. Lasts until vanquished by caster or destroyed. Can be damaged with normal weapons. Level Used to create = Damage and Hit Points to Destroy. 1 hit does 1 damage, crits do 2 damage.
Bridge of Flames - A bridge of fire forms where called and can only be crossed by those called.

Stamina 6 (16-18)
Fork Fire - Fire hits up to +1 targets, +1 per success.
Fireball - Missiles ball of fire that explodes in 50 yard radius, all it consumes bursting into flames. Very damaging, even to allies if too close.
Quick Fire - An inferno which blasts through an area with vaporizing heat. Spent only when the roaring blitz of flames can go no further. Used in open spaces, it billows up into an enormous cloud of fire incinerating everything in sight before it is spent. Exhausts more quickly when not confined.
Infernal Beast - requires domination, bonding or possession. An animal's will is brought under the mage's control and then animal is imbued with the element and vital force of fire. With subsequent commands the animal is given the ability to shift into flame form, imbue their feet or claws with fire, and to breathe fire. The Vital force makes the animal immortal until slain. MA-Level is 1 level per success. Vital Force-Level X 3. Vital force covers HP and Stamina, and checks are otherwise adjusted by type of animal Infernal Beast is.
Flame Gate - Allows mage to create a gate of flames which delivers those selected to enter to a called destination through the elemental plane of fire. Gate can close great distances, and damages those not selected to enter if they attempt to do so. +100 damage.

Stamina 7 (19-21)
Sulfuric Vapors – Poisonous, explosively flammable vapors which burn the skin, lungs, throat, and eyes.
Exploding Sphere of Flame - Like a fireball but covers an area of 100 yard radius.
Flame Catalyst - Allows mage to set contingencies with fire affects, that when a catalyst is triggered, a fire effect occurs as called.
Sphere of Lava - Ball of Lava which covers target to encase them in incinerating heat.
Back draft - Even the most powerful flames are rapidly snuffed as they are sucked back into the elemental plane of fire.
Gate of Flames – An Acheron gate. Unlike flame gate, only creatures of Acheron can enter this gate of blue fire to enter Acheron or to close distances to various destinations, and only those with right of passage to and from Acheron can tap this power. Only those selected by caster can enter this gate period.

Stamina 8 (22-24)
Lava Bombardment – 7 spheres of flaming lava rain down on a tight target area of 10-20’ radius as called. Lava encases those it strikes in incinerating heat. Does critical damage on a hit, +2 HB to hit.
Wall of Flames - Flames rise between called subjects to act as a protective barrier.
Talisman of Fire - Mage creates a talisman imbued with fire elemental commands which protects subject who wears it. if attacked, an aura of fire forms around subject which does damage to anyone contacting the aura, contact including being struck with a melee weapon. +36 damage.
Sheet of Lava - A sheet of lava five inches deep forms where called and covers up to 1 foot per success, +50 damage.

Stamina 9 (25-27)
Pool of Lava - A deep boiling pool of fiery lava rises out of the ground, +95 damage.
Prison of Fire - A cell of flames is called out of the elemental plane to surround a target, then shifted through the elemental plane of fire to a called site. floor and ceiling of cell are cool but impassable, but if walls are touched prisoner is burned. if prisoner attempts to pass through the walls, there is a high chance of vaporization (vs. 1 d6 save, 4-6 saves for -50% HP.) +40 aggravated damage for contact. time for cell to entrap - MA+Wisdom vs. Dexterity and Movement.
Tower of Fire - A tower of fire, rock and lava forms on called site and is partially within the elemental plane of fire, unseen on the material plane, while it can be accessed there. Tower can be immense and warded with other command, and heat does not affect those who are selected or permitted to enter.
Flame Projection - A quantum gift which allows caster to project fire in any way they can imagine with called effects. Wisdom of 22+ ONLY.

Stamina 10 (28-30)
River of Fire - A river of Lava forms as called.
Fortress of Fire - A castle of fire, rock and lava forms on called site and is partially within the elemental plane of fire, unseen on the material plane, while it can be accessed there. Fortress has towers, gates, large keep, lava moat, bridge of fire, the courtyards, ground and floors having the appearance of cooling molten rock.
Flame Ward - Raise wards with fire elements which can be used to protect a site with set catalysts and commands which cause the wards to trigger.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Bypass Immunity - This bypasses fire immunities to allow 50% of damage to affect someone who is otherwise immune to fire and heat. This is done by taking the actual 'fire' out of the spell and projecting the force (damage) of the spell alone.

Stamina 12 (36-40)
Master of the Flame - elementalist can formulate fire commands, use them for warding, and blend them with other gifts.

Damage Stats

    All do aggravated (normal) damage for +1 turn, +1 per ace, unless otherwise stated. Use HB for all targeted or missiled spells.


Stamina 1
1-Manipulate Shadows - Cause shadows to shift, bend and move as called.
2-Shadow Veil - Hides target in shadows.
3-Shadow Stalk - sneak around unseen and unsensed while maintaining a physical form. Shadows disperse when an action is taken against another. Unseen for one action.

Stamina 2
4-Shadow Cloaking - Cloaks target and their presence.
5-Shadow Door - create a doorway of shadow where no doorway exists that opens and closes only to creator.
6-Shadowy Concealment - Make a called target take on appearance of shadows.

Stamina 3
7-Shadow Walking - close distance through shadow realm.
8-Shadow Bridge - Create a solid bridge of shadows 4 feet wide.
9-Shadow Perception - Allows for detection of shadow forms and active shadow applications.

Stamina 4
10-Gate of Shadows-which caster can take others through via the shadow realm.
11-Trap Door of Shadows - a trap door opens under someone and drops them into a cell of shadows which holds them captive.
12-Intercept Path - Allows shadow elemental to intercept other gate paths, even select ones with higher power (roll).

Stamina 5
13-Phasing-Phase out of material realm into corporeal form of shadows.
14-Aura of Shadows - nothing about subject protected by this gift can be sensed by any means.
15-Gateway of Vision - Allows shadow elemental to pierce the temporal layers of the shadow realm to see present, past, and future incidents. Elemental must be able to identify which subject of information sought by a name or location involving subject.

Stamina 6
16-Corporeal Assimilation -1 Form per 5 levels. Corporeal Disguise, can be any living creature.
17-Corporeal Shadow Form - Ability to take actions in shadow form.
18-Shadowy Keep - a tower or room of shadow is raised which can only be accessed by creator or those he selects to enter or leave the keep.

Stamina 7
19-Shield of Shadows - A dome of shadows surrounds called target/s and any powers or attacks aimed at target/s will pass into the shadows without hitting target. if attackers step through the shield, they come out on the other side of the shield past the shielded targets. Lasts until dispelled, protected targets cannot attack while guarded by shield, they too pass into the shadow veil if they step into the shield and another stride delivers them on unprotected ground.
20-Sanctuary of Shadows - Call the shadows into a lair, castle, manor, compound, or even a woodland area, to conceal those within. Very hard to detect. Also protects from sunlight..
21-Shadow Planes Walker - cross any distance and into any realm, world, alternate plane, or demi-plane.

Stamina 8
22-Black Oracle - Part the shadow veil to reveal those clan members selected, and use Shadow gates to intercept subjects within shadow realm and to intercept shadow gates.
23-Shadow Planes Gate - like a walker only shadow elemental can take others with them.
24-Eclipse in Shadows - Eclipse an area in the shadow veil, up to 10 feet per success. Protects from sunlight.

Stamina 9
25-Shadows and Stone - Haven, or even a select chamber, room, cave, etc., can be overlapped by the demi-plane of shadows to conceal overlapped area in an isolated fold of the shadow realm. Cannot be infiltrated without specific knowledge of Shadows and Stone, and intercept path abilities. Only higher power using correct applications can invade protected area/s.
26-Dungeon of Darkness - Sinks a subject or select area within the demi-plane of shadows where the shadow lands overlap an underworld, creating solid walls. Very hard to detect without the ability to find an overlap. Area is hard to escape as well where no gate can be formed to escape without specific knowledge of Shadows and Stone.
27-Dark Creationist - create any called, tangible, shadow effect, object or scope (such as shadow-bridges, doors, gates, keeps, castles, weapons, trees, ropes, ladders, vines, forests, lakes, etc.) with called effects which include selection of who creations are tangible to, and ethereal passage only to select subjects through doors and tunnels.

Stamina 10
28-Shadow Catalyst - Allows caster to create a contingency, that triggers a shadow affect if catalyst is triggered. Caster calls catalyst, with power of up to +300 as called.
29-Protection from Shadows - Protects from any rivaling Shadow Effect
30-Shadow Scape - Create a corporeal scope of shadows that is ethereal and invisible to anyone not select to enter corporeal zone. Area is created via quantum visualization to create material wilderness, buildings and grounds, etc., all cast in a night-like scope of shadows. Moonlight and sunlight can penetrate area to create a filtered light effect if called. Up to one acre.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Improved Power

Stamina 12 (36-40)
Improved Power


Inborn Powers

Master of Domination

1- {1-3} Influence the Will: Manipulate the will of those who fail check roll with a called influence.
2- {4-6} Dread Presence: -1 courage, -1 willpower per ace to all within sight who fail WP check roll.
3- {7-9} Commanding Presence: Those within sight of dominator show respect and will not oppose them if their willpower fails in dominator’s presence.
4- {10-12} Command the Will: Dominator commands the will of the target that is subject to this power.
5- {13-15} Enslavement - by blood or imbuing subject with carnal essence. Escape is the only defense against this power.
6- {16-18} Blood Domination - permanent domination with blood and commands.
7- {19-21} Dominate the Will: will is dominated for a called duration or until power is broken.
8- {22-24} Dominate the Temple - dominate mind, will and soul for a called duration or until power is broken.
9- {25-27} Guardian Seal - brands or tattoos subject and lays specific commands of protection within subject by imbuing mark with their blood and commands. Protection can include Gate triggers which returns subject to a select location if injured or in peril, or which can protect subject from up to any three specific conditions as ordained by the Master of Domination.
10- {28-30} Master Seal of Enslavement - Burns a powerful blood seal of possession and domination on subject, making their will bend to whosoever the Master of Domination commands. if Slave runs away, or is taken away, they begin to weaken the moment they leave those boundaries set by their master, unless IN their master's company, and within a few hours fall into a death like sleep which only their Master can awaken them from.
11- {31-35} Telepathic Domination – Dominate with the power of the mind, all mental checks vs. willpower. if dominator is not a telepath, they get telepathy at level 10.
12- {36-40} Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.



Basic Possession: To possess the body of another, possessor can challenge a target's will to take over their body, with WP +1 WP per stamina level used vs. WP of target. if splitting soul to possess, Possessor transfers chosen amount of arcane levels (with equal loss to Primary form) to host form on success. No loss of will occurs with basic possession. Power is regained quickly as forms recovern +1 level per successful interactive arcane application. Possessor can also possess the body of a corpse without opposition.

1-{1-3} Phylactery – A percentage of the soul (1%-80% possesses a target object. Primary form has -% of their soul placed in object and loss of -1 WP per phylactery made. Phylactery has WP of possessor before loss of WP. Phylactery can have one called effect or contingency controlled by possessor’s will which is activated by a called trigger. Power of phylactery is equal to possessor’s magic roll + Soul Percent. Phylactery can only be destroyed by utter obliteration and with a greater power. Part of soul possessing object is also destroyed with object. if demon is killed (their soul destroyed) they can return through their phylactery or one of their phylacteries if they have more than one, by dispossessing their phylactery and possessing a new form.
2-{4-6} Empower Phylactery – A phylactery can be infused with more of the demon’s will to give it more power, -1 WP per additional effect or contingency at power equal to magic roll, or +1 level of power for pre-existing power.
3-{7-9} Dispossession – Dispossess a Phylactery, Primary or Host form to repossess another form, or to return spirit to Primary or a Host form.
4-{10-12} Possess the Dead – Possess a dead target with entire soul if making body a Primary Form and body regenerates to prime condition. If making an additional form, possess the dead for a -1% loss of soul, and a -2% loss of soul if regenerating form to prime condition
5-{13-15} Animal Possession – Possess and control a live animal, -1% soul per animal, permanently or temporarily. If an animal is killed, soul fracture returns to Primary Form. Animals can only channel arcane power through their limbs extremities, bite, or an aura surrounding body.
6-{16-18} Possession - Spirit leaves the body to possess any chosen, sentient, living form to create a new Primary Form. Prior body is dead while spirit does not possess it and will decay if not properly cared for.
7-{22-24} Split Possession – Part of the spirit is cloven away from Primary form to possess and control a live, sentient form (at 50% arcane level). Possessed form has half of the Primary Form’s arcane levels, and all normal skills and knowledge of primary form. Primary form has half +1 of its original arcane power. Both forms regain +1 level per successful interactive arcane application.
8-{19-21} Compound Possession – Split spirit to possess multiple targets at +1 Arcane level per -2% soul split between targets. Loss of -1 level arcane to Primary Form per -2% of soul split off. Primary Form loses arcane levels equal to those shared by host forms. All forms regain +1 arcane level per successful interactive arcane application.
Example: Demon possesses three targets with 6% soul each (-18% total) for loss of -9 levels arcane to primary form, while each target form has arcane level of 3.
9-{25-27} Renew Willpower – Recover lost willpower by +1, +1 per ace rolled. Willpower cannot be renewed beyond level 30.
10-{28-30} Renew Soul – Soul recovers from splitting by +1%, +1% per ace rolled. Soul cannot be renewed beyond 100%.
11-{31-35} Holistic Demon Phylactery – Create a Phylactery with no loss of Willpower to demon while Phylactery has WP equal to its creator’s. Effects of the Phylactery are determined by the demon’s will and can be a compound artifact or contingency, up to 1 effect and/or contingency, +1 effect and/or contingency per ace rolled.
12-{36-40} Holistic Possession – Possess multiple targets with no loss of power, up to 1, +1 per success. All willpower rolls must succeed.

    Note: Demon and Devil Types Only

    The power of a demon or devil's soul is tremendously strong and infuses the body they possess to create an immortal being with powerful regenerative and arcane capabilities. A Primary form is the TRUE form or the form possessing the greatest totality of the demon or devil's soul. A host form is another form the demon or devil possesses by splitting off parts of its soul. The Host has the same checks as the being they possess + demon or devil bonuses.

    Example of a Phylactery

    Dagger, Soul percent-{8%}, Power-{46+8 vs. destruction}, WP-32. Effect: Dominates will of holder to the will of the dagger if dagger is held 3+ times by same individual, WP vs. WP for successful domination. Will of the Dagger: To drain -1 WP from bearer each time dagger is used and transfer will to the dagger, and for bearer to seek out the gate of Acheron in the Barren Lands and enter there. The dagger's WP is shared with the bearer while they hold the dagger or have the dagger on their person, while the dagger controls the bearer through that shared will.


{1-3} Infatuation - Subject becomes intrigued with the enchanter and desires them.
{4-6} Induce Fear - Subject fears mage and compelled to retreat from enchanter's presence.
{7-9} Respect - Subject is awed with the enchanter and trusts what the enchanter says to them.
{10-12}) Euphoria - Enchanter can induce others to feel excessive euphoria with a loss of mental faculties, -1 all mental check, -1 per ace.
{13-15} Berserk - Subject goes berserk and will attack anyone in sight but the enchanter and anyone enchanter blinds from the subject’s sight, and gets +2 HB, +4 damage, +2 on all rolls, but -4 HB and -4 on all defenses.
{16-18} Induce sleep - Enchanter charms subject into a deep, restful sleep. Lasts up to +1 day per success as called.
{19-21} Subdue the Will - Enchanter's presence overpowers the will of another and brings their will under their command for up to +1 days per success as called.
{22-24} Command the Will - Used with Subdue the Will, the subject is under absolute command of enchanter until subject can overcome the LoD of the power over them, each attempt to break free exhausts -8 stamina for 12 hours. Stamina loss accumulates over a 1 day period. Lasts as called unless subject breaks free of power.
{25-27} Enslave the Will - The subject's will is enslaved to enchanter until the enchanter releases them. Lasts as called unless subject is freed of total power by a higher roll.
{28-30} Master of the Horde - Induce multiple targets within an area of a city with any emotion and influence that emotion towards an end. Lasts up to +1 day per success as called.
{31-35} Master of Presence – improvise powers of presence, imbue items, walls or the atmosphere of an area with presence to create wards, create charmed artifacts, create phylacteries to protect the souls and powers of subjects, make a power permanent, improve power of presence.
{36-40} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.

Willpower Loss

-1 WP per success if power succeeds. WP restored when Presence is no longer affecting target. Lasts up to +1 turn per success as called unless otherwise stated.


Supernatural Haste

1-{1-3} Superhuman Movement - Two times faster than a human sprinter.
2-{4-6} Blurring Movement - Phasing speed which makes subject blur from vision.
3-{7-9} Phasing Movement - Surpasses tangible and material objects.
4-{10-12} Phasing Gate - Phase out of one place and into another.
5-{13-15} Twain Haste - Ability to haste another with self, hasted subject must physically pull other with them.
6-{16-18} Ultimate Phase - Phase past anything.
7-{19-21} Twain Phasing Gate - Phase past anything with another, hasted subject must physically pull other with them.
8-{22-24} Active Applications - Hasted actions, weapons and combat. +1 AR per Ace, -1 stamina per +1 bonus AR used. Hasted movement still applies if movement vs. movement.
9-{25-27} Shared Haste - Haste another by power of roll by channeling the ability to another.
10-{28-30} Blind Eye Movement - Quicker than the eye.
11-{31-35} Formulation of Commands - in creating improvised haste effects, blending haste with other gifts, creating haste imbued artifacts and items at level used.
12-{36-40} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.

Haste Stats

Movement vs. Movement: +1 movement per success + movement check points.

Hasted Combat or Actions: +1 AR per ace.



Take one chosen feat per level
Arrest Movement: catch someone or something mid-air to hold it suspension or let it down as called, up to +5 pounds per success, +100 pounds per ace.
Bend: up to +1 strength per success, +5 strength per ace, vs. strength of object.
Lift: up to +5 pounds per success, +100 pounds per ace.
Push: up to +1 strength per success, +5 strength per ace.
Throw: up to +1 foot per success, +5 feet per ace, damage=distance thrown, up to +5 pounds per success, +100 pounds per ace.
Smite: strike a target as called, +1 damage per success, +5 damage per ace. Damage=strength.
Grapple: up to +1 strength per success, +5 strength per ace. Holds without damage.
Crush: includes death grips, choke holds, body crushes, and crush items. Up to +1 strength and damage per success, +5 strength and damage per ace.
Levitation: lift self or someone else up to +1 foot per success, +5 feet per ace. Includes descent as called. Up to +5 pounds per success, +100 pounds per ace.
Shield of Negation: negates weapons and magic damage by power of shield, +5% chance per ace that shield will deflect weapon or power back on attackers for normal damage. Shield lasts until recalled or broken. One shielded can take action while shielded.
Transference: carry a called object to self or another, up to +5 pounds per success, +100 pounds per ace.
Multiple Targets: affect multiple targets with any called feat next turn, up to +1 target per success or ace.
Shockwave: affects a potentially large area with a damaging and stunning wave of telekinetic energy in a radius of up to +10 yards per success, -1 AR per ace to anyone affected, +1 damage per success, +5 damage per ace.
Telekinetic Formulation: level 36-40 only, formulate feats as called.



{1-3} Touching subject.
{4-6} Within 30 feet of subject.
{7-9} Within visual range of subject.
{10-12} Within same city/borough as subject.
{13-15} In same state/providence as subject.
{16-18} In same country as subject.
{19-21} In same world as subject.
{22-24} Able to contact various subjects at same time anywhere in the world.
{25-27} Able to contact subjects anywhere and at any distance.
{28-30} Able to create mind gates to see, hear, and influence subject through a telepathic connection.
{31-35} Telepathic Visionary - connect to someone met before telepathically and see them as well as hear them and their thoughts within their surroundings. See and hear those around them as well. Area of vision is +1 yard per success radius around target.
{36-40} Formulation of Commands - Formulate and Improvise telepathic effects and powers, and make telepathic items, wards, or artifacts.


This power fails with no Aces and can backlash to damage constitution by -1 per 1 rolled for +1 day per success.


Limited Paths

Blood Sorcery

Note: Vulcan Anubian, GM chosen Vampire Clans, Blood Mages, and Blood Liches ONLY - Power vs. Counter

1-{1-3} Bestial Trance - Charms victim while mage is feeding
2-{4-6} Crimson Flame - Using blood energy to project a flame
3-{7-9} Enrapture - Using blood energy to enchant a subject
4-{10-12} Arcane Domination - Dominate channeling blood energy
5-{13-15} Blood Source - Transcendental transfusion of blood
6-{16-18} Dervish Flame - Ignites a victim's blood into flames
7-{19-21} Oblation of Life - Transcendental removal of blood
8-{22-24} Master of Enslavement - Use blood to enslave and burn mark of possession
9-{25-27} Arcane Prowess - Blood energy tapped to make mage incredibly strong and render them invulnerable to physical damage.
10-{28-30} Abyssal Decay - Mage can devour blood, will, essence, soul by touch through opening a metaphysical vacuum within themselves, decaying their victim rapidly.
11-{31-35} Blood Cauldron
Stage One - Mage can create a blood cauldron, out of an ordinary cauldron, by invoking Saolinín Dirgban the Goddess of Blood, with an offering of half their blood. When the goddess is invoked she tells the mage to spill their blood into the cauldron. The goddess in turn awakens the spirits of life and death inside the cauldron, of creation and ends. The goddess also protects the cauldron 44 d6-LoD vs. Power to Destroy or affect cauldron.The only blood within the cauldron is four pints of the mage’s blood as it was first offered. If this blood is ever spilled out of the cauldron, the mage must offer half his/her blood to the cauldron again. Stamina is only paid ONCE to this cauldron, to invoke the goddess the first time. After that the cauldron feeds on blood offerings and its master's will.
Stage Two - The mage's will slowly becomes the cauldron's, and visa-versa, and no one but the mage who created the cauldron can command it. Blood must be given to the cauldron to activate its powers, in the amount of one pint for every command given the cauldron. All Blood Sorcery spells cast through the Cauldron are automatically sealed and proofed against disenchantments (+2), and can be cast at level 35. The cauldron soaks all blood spilled into it. When all the mage's will is gone, the cauldron turns the mage into a Bleeding Terror Lich. Cauldron uses -1 Willpower per command used through the cauldron.
Stage Three - The mage's will is returned to them as a Lich, while all the Bleeding Terror's arcane power and a great deal of their life force is transferred to a secret object to form their phylactery, or vital force. This object must be destroyed to destroy the Lich. The cauldron's TRUE power is unlocked as the mage becomes a Lich. Through the cauldron the Lich can formulate Blood Sorcery powers, enchant items with existing or formulated commands, create wards and artifacts, enslave others, kill them, even mutate, or create monsters out of other creatures, learn and practice Necromancy with up to 4 spells in each level. In a word...Bleeding Terror Liches are POWERFUL, and NOT pleasant to look at either. These Liches have a strong tendency to be as hungry for power as for blood, and not very nice. It was power lust which got them where they are in the first place, after all. See Races: Blood Lich Page.
12-{36} Tribute of Life - Blood Lich only. Lich offers a victim to their Blood Cauldron to enhance cauldron's power, or to regain some of their former vampiric appearance. if the cauldron has devoured the blood, souls, and lives of 10 victims by the time the Lich reaches level 40, they gain a subrace shift, although IN this shift, they can only command levels 1-35. Tribute of Life powers the cauldron by +4 otherwise.
12-{37-40} God of Blood - Bleeding Terror Lich can call on the power of the cauldron even at a distance to improve their powers, and can Cast any Blood Sorcery or Necromantic powers at these levels when mastered.


Master of the Mind

{1} 1-3-Influence Thoughts: this is more like domination than presence as he dominates the thoughts of others to change their thought train as he sees fit.
{2} 4-6-Mental Manipulation: another form of mental domination, he can tangle thoughts, calm them, make the mind go blank, control actions through the mind, cause lapses of dementia and hallucinations with this power.
{3} 7-9- Memory Alteration - The more powerful the vampire is, the more memories they can alter. Includes memory restoration.
{4} 10-12-Memory Erasure - The more powerful the vampire is, the more memories they can erase.
{5} 13-15-Implant Memories - The implanted memories are so vivid and real to the mind that the subject feels as if they had truly lived those memories.
{6} 16-18-Mind Walk - This is a very power. The vampire can 'walk' into the mind of another to see their thoughts and secrets and reveal their own embodiment to that mind.
{7} 19-21-Dream Walk - This rare power is related to mind walking. The vampire can make themself appear in another's dreams lucidly and influence subject through their dreams.
{8} 22-24-Command Mind - Used with mind walk, vampire can completely control the thoughts of another and by doing so influence their will, behavior and actions.
{9} 25-27-Command Dreams - Used with dream walk, vampire can control the dreams themselves and convert dreams into an alter-reality where victim is subject to whatever happens in their dreams.
{10} 28-30-Master of the Mind - Formulate mental and illusory commands.
{11} 31-40-Improved Power - Apply powers at these levels as gained.
{12}36-40-Improved Power - Apply powers at these levels as gained.