General Information

Age: True ancient, appearance varies
Race: Dark Fallen Mogduain, Infernal Anduain
Appearance: any form he chooses but his eyes are always their true color.
True Appearance: black hair, wings, and claws, sienna colored brown skin, lean, tall (6'7) extremely handsome, hairless body, silver eyes with gold flecks, exudes appeal, hair is long, curly, and very satiny
Scent: whatever most intoxicates each individual's olfactory.
Alignment: chaotic
Levels: 40-Paths, 42-Inborn and Special Abilities, Reflex Level=Innate Defense
History: click here
The angel and demi-god of deception, the antithesis of Belorian, Belial is the Infernal Anduain. He is uncommonly attractive and seductively deceptive and tempts others to deceive one another and even themselves. When riding into battle he drives a chariot pulled by two Hell Raptor dragons. One of his aspirations is to bring about the fall of Belorian and the Arcanon into Acheron. Belial served Lucifer in Haman, posing as an angel of swords and was cast down with him during the first rebellion. He chose thereafter to serve always in Acheron under Lucifer. Belial brought the fall of Niall (Aeros Nystori) long ago.

Belial has 0 transient deaths or true deaths over his head. As such he has never suffered a loss of memory or had his power diminished by a loss of knowledge and physical prowess.

Belial is not a fighter. In battle he uses illusions to trick and deceive the enemy; to aid his allies is achieving an advantage. His dragons defend him while doing so. Though he respects warriors, he has no desire to be a warrior himself, which in his opinion and from what he has seen is the quickest road to a tombstone and very messy business. Though Belial has been known to run from a physical fight to avoid a conflict, he is no coward and will defend himself, even kill when necessary, by arcane means. He simply has no desire to learn combat. He does not carry weapons of any kind on him.

Residence: Lair of Belial in Acheron, and Sage Wood Shrine in the Eternal Wilderlands.

Paths:  (Unlimited) Ilusory Veil, Chronomancy, (add as many additional paths from arcane, path of chaos, and elemental spell books as you can handle and think suit him)
Inborn: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Presence


Special Knowledge

Special Abilities